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Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Louis Belpaire With more than 400 million active users, Gmail is currently the number one email platform and a great medium to reach customers, generate brand awareness and drive leads to a website. Ad type: Display Ads Pricing Model: Pay per Click Platform: Google Adwords Reach: 425 million active users Requirement: Adwords invoicing User Interface Although still in beta, Gmail Sponsored Ads come with an impressive user interface to create, manage and report on campaigns. One of the most interesting features is the health tab that displays the…

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Google Begins To Roll Out New Ad Extensions: Callout Extensions

Carly Calhoon Callouts are a new way to show additional text that emphasizes valuable information in your search ads. They were first introduced in early September to a small population of AdWords users, but they will be available to everyone within the next few weeks. This is an example of what they look like in an ad: Benefits of Callout Extensions Not clickable These callout extensions show specific information…

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5 Characteristics of a PPC Expert: Manage Your PPC Account Like a Professional

Don Duong For the upcoming day off from labor, embody these traits and you could add a job title to your resume over the short holiday: PPC Manager. 1. Patient – A lot of our clients are very conversion and transaction-sensitive, and rightfully so, with their business being their main source of income. The highs can be euphoric, but the lows can be excruciating. However, it’s important to stay the course when launching new initiatives or making changes to an account. When you make any changes to a campaign like testing new ads, trying a new landing page, or launching new keywords,…

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Bing Ads Working To Improve User Experience

Carly Calhoon Bing has been working hard this summer/year to come out with developments in their Bing Ads interface. This article will take you through some of the changes and what to expect next. Visual Improvements: The first change you may notice is that Bing Ads has developed a cleaner look. The more distinct contrast in colors helps to enhance an account's readability and visibility. Auto-Tagging: Finally! Now you can add auto-tags to your ads’ destination URLs in your account settings. To set it up, you can…

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