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Meet the New Exact Match and Phrase Match Keywords

Shay Meadows Last week, Google announced that they are changing the settings for exact match keywords and phrase match keywords. Since 2012, advertisers were able to choose if they wanted to include close variant keywords in their search results. Now, advertisers will not have this choice. In late September, close variant matching will be applied to all exact match and phrase match keywords within a Google AdWords account. The screenshot above is the current keyword matching options. In a month or…

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Search Network with Display Select

Ben Jamieson I’ve always been a fan of the Google Display Network and I appreciate how Google is constantly working to improve it. They have introduced new targeting methods, allow various ad extensions, and offer more granular reporting – but running effective contextual and interest based GDN campaigns can still be very challenging for many advertisers.   Clients will tell me that the traffic volume (and often lead volume too) on the Google Display Network is good but the quality of the leads coming in is about half that of search network leads. The introduction of “Search Network with Display Select” could be…

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How To Enhance Your Product Listing Ads

Andrew Fuchs With so many E-commerce retailers competing to sell the same products through limited ad space, distinguishing yourself and your Product Listing Ads is key.  Luckily Google wants your products to sell through their Shopping Network (almost) as much as you do, so they have made some new features and options available to enhance PLAs and reward E-commerce retailers that are willing to go the extra mile.  Since there is only so much you can do to optimize your PLAs, taking of advantage of these extras will go a long way in helping you and your PLAs stand out. Special…

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Google’s Ad Auction and Ad Rank: What Determines an Ad’s Position and Cost?

Carly Calhoon   Background on the Ad Auction and Ad Rank: Google processes billions of auction opportunities per day, so it is important to understand how they choose which ads to show and where. In 2009, Google came out with a video describing how the Google ad auction works. However, last month (June, 2014), they updated their video after improving the evaluation processes in the ad auction. This article describes the basics, the changes implemented by Google, and how it can affect advertisers. Google’s ad auction works differently than a traditional auction where the…

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