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Keyword (Not Provided) For Paid Search & Mad Men Debut in 2014

Don Duong How will Mad Men's final season begin? And how will it all end? Unlike the guessing game and rumors surrounding the premier of Mad Men's last season this Sunday, the recent official announcement to remove the query string from the referrer URL for ad clicks has clear effects and implications: So what actually happened? – When a Google ad is clicked, the referring URL string included the search query (exactly what the user typed in). Now it doesn't. …

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PPC Spring Cleaning Checklist

Shay Meadows Spring has finally arrived (and is hopefully here to stay)! After an extremely long winter, your Adwords account could probably use some spring cleaning. Set aside some time to spring clean your Adwords campaigns by following these 5 simple steps: 1. Polish up on Geotargeting Settings Get down and dirty with a geographic report to see if there are any areas for improvement. In the example below, there are multiple conclusions that can be made.  For example, the…

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Monitoring PPC performance on the go

Louis Belpaire Search Engine Marketing campaigns are notorious for requiring constant attention. This is why monitoring their performance on the go can often get tricky. Especially with the limited user friendliness of Adwords and Analytics on mobile devices. Today I am going to share a few tips and tricks to make sure your campaigns keep bringing in profitable traffic while you're gone and notify you if it's not the case.   Risk mitigation Set up a shared budget in Adwords Before setting up alerts you have to switch on the autopilot mode.…

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Paid Search + E-Commerce: A Match Made in Mountain View

Andrew Nelson It’s an exciting time to be running an e-commerce site.  The word "exciting" here is a bit loaded.  By "exciting" I mean scary, convoluted, accessable, and profitable (very profitable) all at the same time.  Consumers are using more channels than ever before making a purchase, and new advertising options are popping up left and right trying to take a piece of the pie.  I will attempt to paint a picture of this "exciting" environment.  An environment where there can only be one conclusion, if you aren't trying some of these new advertising options out, you are missing out. Consumers are…

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