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As a marketing leader, you’re on the hook to deliver growth. As a performance-driven, full-service digital marketing agency, we’ve got your back.

Why choose Silverback as
Your Performance Marketing Agency?

Performance starts with team health—the comfort level to challenge one another and evolve together. Silverback’s digital marketing services are backed by customer research and a data-obsessed team that flexes and grows right alongside your business.

Digital marketing is only as good as the people behind the platforms. Our focus on team culture yields better results for clients, and has created a workplace culture recognized by Inc. Magazine, Ad Age and the Washington Post.

We’ve flipped the traditional agency model on its head. Instead of structuring teams around services, we assemble teams of cross-channel experts around client business models. This way, your campaigns work together across major marketing platforms.

We’ve evolved alongside digital marketing platforms for the last fifteen years. When you work with Silverback, you get a flexible team who adapts to changes in consumer behavior, regulations, and technology.

Our Services

What We Offer

Paid Media

When you need to hit revenue targets, you need quality leads. This can be done on paid media platforms like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, but only if you understand the platforms, the buyers, and your business objectives. Work with Silverback Strategies to efficiently scale growth on major paid media platforms.

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With measurable results and ongoing optimization, paid search is a reliable way to generate leads at every stage of your marketing funnel. Learn More

Pair audience insights with platform expertise, and you have the ingredients to drive measurable return on ad spend on major social media platforms. Learn More

Display advertising allows for an extensive digital marketing presence across the web. Learn More

The right creative can turn ad views into clicks that drive real buyers to your website. Learn More

SEO + Content

Search visibility isn’t possible without quality content built for both people and search engines. Functional, pillar, and editorial content play essential, overlapping roles. Use audience insights to craft an SEO and content strategy that delivers real business results based on your marketing objectives.

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Get found, get leads, and get ahead of the competition with back-end and on-page SEO expertise. Learn More

Combine behavioral data, SEO, and performance creative to connect audiences with your content and brand. Learn More

Strategy + Analytics

Align your marketing goals to the metrics that matter to your business. With the right measurement plan, connect campaign-level KPIs to your overall business objective, and define which channel strategies are best suited to reach that goal based on data analysis and audience research. 

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Our certified Google Analytics experts help build custom reports, revenue tracking, cost importing, and more. Learn More

Analyze user behavior to improve conversion rates, leading to higher ROI and revenue. Learn More

Clear, concise, and easy-to-understand reports and dashboards keep you up to date on your efforts and spend. Learn More

Our Process

Silverback's Formula for Growth

Align your strategy to business goals. Build campaigns on a foundation of customer insights. Launch smoothly, and evolve with the market.

  • Align – First, we connect your business goals to marketing objectives and map your lead-to-sale journey.

  • Build – Next, we research your buyers to understand why, how and when they make purchase decisions. These insights help develop creative strategy for your campaign.

  • Launch – Then, our platform specialists make sure your campaigns launch smoothly and analytics is set up properly to track performance.

  • Evolve – Finally, testing and continuous feedback loops between teams help iterate and optimize campaign performance over time.

"I’ve worked with a lot of agencies over my 21 years in digital, and Silverback is fantastic. We’ve seen phenomenal growth."

"What stands out to me when working with Silverback is they’re proactive, responsive, and their SEO expertise is top-notch."

"Silverback Strategies came to the table with new ways of thinking that we hadn't employed before."

Nancy Weaver, Digital Marketing Manager, Lexis Nexis

Pia Miralao, Director of Web Properties, K12

Julie Zito, Assistant VP for Marketing, American University

Frequently Asked Questions

The digital marketing agency you select should be willing to provide services customized for your unique business. Tailoring inbound marketing strategies and the subsequent execution of those strategies per your vision and growth goals is essential to your success. No business is the same, so your agency must treat you as such. Above all, the key to your digital marketing performance is in establishing an effective, honest, and collaborative workflow with your agency team. It’s your business, your content, and your site—but having a partner to challenge your assumptions and evolve your strategy with you will maximize results.

A digital performance marketing agency is an agency that specializes in digital marketing that is trackable and aimed at driving real results, not just vanity metrics. It is an agency that has a track record of success developing digital marketing initiatives designed with specific aims like qualified brand awareness, leads, sales, and revenue. Clear reporting, transparent metrics, and provable results are the name of their game.

The proliferation of digital platforms and channels makes marketing hard to manage. CMOs are responsible for revenue, yet may only have a small team of in-house specialists that may not be able to fully run digital marketing strategies on their own. These teams benefit most from digital marketing solutions like search, social, content, and analytics.

At the most basic level, agencies provide a highly leveraged, skilled solution without having to make significant investments in full-time employees. You get a wider, deeper range of talent for a fraction of the price. Beyond cost considerations, an effective digital performance marketing agency like Silverback will foster an environment of innovation within your campaigns and across your account profile. Your digital marketing strategy will benefit from learnings driven through an agency’s work with other clients and relationships with digital media platforms, like Google.

When partnering with an agency, there is naturally another layer of communication as an outside organization. At Silverback, we pride ourselves on our transparency and openness with our clients, but for some digital services, like organic social media, nothing beats the in-the-moment presence of an in-house team.

Our sales process begins by establishing a firm understanding of your current needs and capabilities, goals, and pain points. While many prospective customers come to Silverback with a specific service in mind, our team takes time to challenge those assumptions by digging deep into the business objectives to which your digital marketing investment will contribute to achieving. This analysis helps us know which of our services are best suited to your business now and in the future.

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