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Content marketing delivers valuable information to buyers along their journey. Marketing investments in SEO, paid media, and lead nurture fail to hit their full potential without the right messaging and context. As a full-service content marketing agency, Silverback uses research, data, and your expertise to target the right audience with the right message every time.

Why Choose Silverback as Your
Content Marketing Agency?

Silverback is a destination for top marketing talent in the nation. Our culture embraces open, honest communication between clients, peers, and colleagues alike. This approach builds more meaningful relationships and aligns business goals and marketing objectives. It also leads to superior results.

We’ve grown alongside platforms since the early days of digital marketing, and we’re not done evolving. You’re looking for an experienced content marketing agency that drives results. Our services combine platform expertise with strategic perspective to bring you the right results you want.

When our team is happy and healthy, so is yours. After all, respected teams that communicate freely and honestly mean higher-performing employees and clients. It’s no wonder we’ve been recognized as a top place to work by organizations like Inc. Magazine, Ad Age and Washington Post.

We group our experts outside of their disciplines. They work hand-in-hand with teammates that have expertise in other areas. This way, strategies are designed in a comprehensive way to compliment your campaigns across channels.

Our Content Marketing Process

Align Goals + Objectives

First, our team maps your lead-to-sale journey to understand how your buyers interact with you today.

Build the Foundation

Next, we research your buyers to understand the topics they care about. We craft a strategy based on technical audits, keyword research and competitor analysis.

Launch Your Campaign

We work with writers, content creators, and editors with relevant experience to hit your content production goals.

Evolve + Optimize

Lastly, ongoing analytics monitoring brings insights to help iterate, adjust and improve content performance over time.

Types of Digital Content Marketing Services

Silverback’s digital content marketing services are designed to help your target audience solve a problem. It gives consumers confidence in their decisions and builds trust with your brand. Compelling stories and eye-catching creative pique the interest of your buyers, helping them recall your brand when they’re ready to buy.

Editorial SEO

Editorial SEO combines content expertise with technical and on-page SEO. It captures organic traffic at each stage of the customer journey, building trust and credibility. This content marketing service includes a content audit, competitor analysis, keyword research, strategy, editorial calendars, content production, and more.
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Lead Nurture Audit + Strategy

What happens once users become leads? How do you add value and stay top of mind? With lead nurture audits and strategy, you’ll stay engaged with leads and stand out when they’re ready to buy. Our lead nurture strategies go beyond email, and include platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Ad Hoc Copywriting

The right message paired with eye-catching visuals can make or break performance. Creatives work closely with our Paid Media and Design teams to develop a creative strategy with built-in A/B testing opportunities. Be it short-form content, ad creative copy, video scripts, or long-form copy, you’ll capture interest across your campaigns.
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What’s Included in Content Strategy Services?

Editorial SEO

Content marketing audit & strategy, competitor analysis, editorial calendars, content production, technical optimizations, and copyediting to improve on-page performance.

Lead Nurture

Audit to identify workflow gaps and areas of improvement, plus strategy recommendations to increase audience engagement and conversions.

Ad Hoc Copywriting

Creative strategy, copy production and copyediting of short-form content, creative ad copy (display ads, social ads, etc.), video scripts, and more.

“Hats off to the Silverback Team for their dedication to our brand and creating such awesome content.”

“The Silverback Team is amazing! They drive and execute my digital and content strategies. I’m a very happy customer.”

“I value the Silverback Team’s ability to think strategically, then go above and beyond. They measure performance in actual business outcomes, unlike other agencies.”

Amanda Hauptfleisch, Associate Director of Marketing, Cornell

Chris Kolling, Head of Marketing, Deepwatch

Doug Calvelage, Sr. Director, Global Demand and Digital Marketing, Blackboard


Do You Have Valuable Content? Measuring Blog ROI

Do You Have Valuable Content? Measuring Blog ROI. Read Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Our content experts work with your team to gather historical content performance data and audience insights to understand your customers and business goals. Then, we map your lead-to-sales funnel and perform a comprehensive analysis of your existing content. This helps us identify content gaps and opportunities to improve organic and paid performance. Finally, we work with our SEO and Paid Media teams to ensure content production aligns with campaign objectives.

Yes, the content we produce, whether it be blogs, ad creative, videos, white papers, etc, is your intellectual property.

Different types of content serve different purposes, both along a customer’s journey and also to your marketing funnel. How you measure content performance depends on your overall marketing goals and objectives. Knowing this, you can drill down into performance indicators like organic search traffic, conversion rates, cost per conversion, and more. Read more about measuring blog ROI here.

Knowing what content converts best depends all on your goals, business model and audience. For companies with a short buying cycle, purchases are often driven by an underlying emotion. In this case, your content should speak to this emotion and offer your product as a solution. Longer sales cycles, on the other hand, typically require a cross-channel content strategy to build awareness, influence consideration, and capture purchase intent.

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