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You can only measure data if you can see it. Attribution gives business execs a clear window into marketing performance. But if analytics are not set up properly, it can lead to poor decisions and wasted investments. Silverback Strategies’ Google Analytics consulting tacks data, synthesizes results, and digs to find insight that makes a real difference.

Why Choose Silverback as Your
Google Analytics Agency?

No business will invest in SEO, paid search, or social promotion without monitoring ROI. From tracking organic site traffic to measuring the success of placements for paid Google Ads campaigns, Google Analytics consulting can benefit any digital marketing service, including paid search, content marketing, and SEO.

You’re looking for an experienced, performance-driven digital agency that produces results. We’ve evolved alongside platforms for the last 15 years, and plan to continue evolving. Our services combine platform expertise with strategic perspective to bring you the right kind of leads and sales.

After all, healthy teams that openly and honestly communicate mean happier and higher-performing clients. It’s no surprise that organizations like Inc. Magazine, Ad Age and Washington Post have recognized us as a top place to work.

Our digital marketing experts aren’t confined to their slack channels. They work hand-in-hand with other platform experts. The vision? To create and execute strategies that complement your campaigns across all major marketing platforms.

Our Google Analytics Process

Align Goals + Objectives

We begin with an understanding of your goals. What are you looking to accomplish? What obstacles have you faced in the past? Where do you see your business in five years? This understanding helps align your business goals with marketing objectives.

Build the Foundation

From there, we audit, research, and design a tailored approach to bring your Google Analytics instance to where it needs to be. We’ll implement changes, configurations, and code to set up successful marketing campaigns and data tracking.

Launch Your Campaign

Once your digital campaigns launch, we closely monitor results in Google Analytics to ensure your goals are accurately tracked and recorded. By this stage, we’re able to sit and watch your ROI grow as we’re able to be more efficient in our ad spend.

Evolve + Optimize

Finally, non-stop testing and continuous feedback loops help iterate and evolve your campaign over time—only improving your ROI. At this point, our team monitors data for quality control and abnormality detection.

Types of Digital Marketing Analytics Services

As a Premier Google Partner, our comprehensive Google Analytics services help clients track and optimize ROI. Our core Google Analytics service sets the groundwork for all our other digital marketing services and offers insights that increase the power and effectiveness of each.

Google Analytics 4

A special service within our Google Analytics offering, Google Analytics 4 set up and implementation will give you insight like never before into your website and applications. Our Google Analytics services include setting up GA4 to make sure you are ready to take advantage of the new platform. Learn More

Web Analytics Audit

As part of our web analytics services, we audit your current Analytics versions and tools, how you’re tracking events, and assess your current measurement capabilities. From there, you receive an appropriate project scope, measurement plan, and identify opportunities for improvement.

Google Analytics Implementation

Fundamental to our Google Analytics service, this element includes recommendations and implementation of all it takes to get your instance working its best. This may include installing appropriate code to execute your measurement plan or setting up your GA instance from the ground up.

What’s Included in Google Analytics Consulting?

Custom Dashboards and Reports

Customize your reports and dashboards to show you the data that matters the most.

Measurement Tool Audits + Implementation

Review your measurement tools and identify areas for improvement.

Campaign Tagging

Consolidate your campaign data into comprehensive campaign reports.

Custom Dimensions and Metrics

Define and capture custom data types based on business needs.

Custom Segments

Build out and group together defined audience segments with similar attributes.

Abnormality Detection and Investigation

Thoroughly analyze abnormalities and other issues that could compromise your data.

“One of the best things about Silverback is their ability to communicate with non-technical people.Transitioning from traditional marketing to having a digital strategy would not have happened without them.”

“I value the Silverback Team’s ability to think strategically, then go above and beyond. They measure performance in actual business outcomes, unlike other agencies.”

Kevin Kincaid, CMO, AAFMAA

Doug Calvelage, Director, Global Demand and Digital Marketing, Blackboard


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways to track performance across channels. Focusing on the most important metrics: conversion rate, cart abandonment rate and customer retention rate will help you determine how to move forward. Google’s framework for marketers helps take this data and put it to good use so you can make strong campaigns.

You can track the business impact of digital marketing via revenue. Of course, more conversions equal more profit, but you can also track it by “soft metrics”. These metrics are small but mighty. Things like completed forms, website visitors, downloads and brand impressions give a fuller look into ROI.

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