American Armed Forces Mutual Aid Association is a nonprofit, member-owned association that provides financial services to the military community.

AAFMAA’s 90,000 members and $1 billion in assets make this 138-year-old company the premier financial service provider to the U.S. military community. Despite their size they had little visibility online and they needed to quickly grow their member base.

With a data-driven approach,

AAFMAA was able to measure the revenue impact of both traditional and digital marketing investments.

This brought clarity into what channels they needed to invest more — and fewer — marketing resources.

An improved website foundation attracted new member prospects organically through search engines like Google.

A pay-per-click campaign complimented organic search and accelerated new member acquisition in the short-term.

Advanced analytics revealed the impact of radio advertisements on web traffic, resulting in a measurable return on this investment.

“One of the best things about Silverback is their ability to communicate with non-technical people. Transitioning from traditional marketing to having a digital strategy would not have happened without them.”


Results from collaborating with Silverback

Leads Increase


Cost Per Lead Decrease


Website Traffic Increase


SERVICES THAT HELPEDTransition from Traditional to Digital Marketing

AAFMAA increased organic search traffic with blog posts and information-rich web pages. These web pages were used to attract prospects with a combination of digital and traditional advertisements.

Working with a Google Partner gave AAFMAA access to platform expertise and up-to-date best practices. A series of pay-per-click campaigns complimented a website structured to rank organically in search engine results over time.

Proper tracking, measurement and reporting guided AAFMAA’s strategic marketing decisions, like doubling down on radio as a viable marketing channel to drive qualified web traffic.


Research-Focused SEO:

Audience research examines why users search for organizations like you. These insights guide content creation and website development to attract qualified search traffic.

Paid Media Expertise:

As a Google Partner, our paid media team has platform expertise and stays current on industry best practices. We also work closely with in-house content, creative and analytics teams that allows clients to iterate and rapidly improve campaigns.

Conversion-Focused Website:

The conversion point of digital marketing campaigns is critical. Strong editorial content and clear conversion pathways help users navigate your website and reach out.

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