LexisNexis provides computer-assisted legal, government, and business information through a global database of billions of searchable documents and records.

Through a centralized marketing strategy, LexisNexis sought to increase its overall digital footprint and scale performance across various product lines. But that level of execution was not possible with their current marketing agency.

At the time, LexisNexis recently acquired compliance analytics provider, Intelligize, who had engaged Silverback for digital marketing services. Silverback then managed paid media for LexisNexis’ small law practice and worked hand-in-hand with management consulting firm, McKinsey, to identify tactics and tests to iterate upon and scale

Having assembled an incredible team,

LexisNexis was poised to execute on their vision.

Together, LexisNexis and Silverback built a digital approach that gave key stakeholders the confidence needed to execute, iterate and improve.

Messaging mapped to each stage of the customer journey expanded marketing beyond bottom-funnel activities.

The cost to drive leads dramatically decreased which enabled LexisNexis to scale campaigns and drive more opportunities.

An integrated team across content, creative, promotion and analytics allowed for rapid testing and optimizing at scale.

“Since we started with Silverback, we’ve seen phenomenal growth. I’ve worked with a lot of agencies over my 21 years in digital, and Silverback is fantastic. They not only expanded our market but also increased the efficiency of our campaigns.”


Results from collaborating with Silverback

Cost Per Conversion Improvement
(Q1 – Q3 2019)


Increased Ad Spend
(Q1 – Q3 2019)



Conversion Increase
(Q1 – Q3 2019)




The revamped approach to paid media shifted focus to their entire marketing funnel. By targeting both brand and non-brand keywords, LexisNexis was able to engage prospective customers across all stages of the decision journey.

Together, LexisNexis and Silverback conducted more than 150 tests to iterate and optimize quickly at scale. The tests included new landing pages, banner ads, copy variations, ad formats, targeting, and more. The result was rapid, continuous improvement.

With the right objective and message for each stage of the funnel, LexisNexis expanded advertising to new platforms. Video marketing on LinkedIn drove awareness, then those users were tagged to receive lead-generating messages Google’s wide-reaching Display Network. This approach filled LexisNexis’ marketing pipeline with quality leads with a higher propensity to convert.


Research-Focused SEO:

Audience research examines why users search for organizations like you. These insights guide content creation and website development to attract qualified search traffic.

Paid Media Expertise:

As a Google Partner, our paid media team has platform expertise and stays current on industry best practices. We also work closely with in-house content, creative and analytics teams that allows clients to iterate and rapidly improve campaigns.

Conversion-Focused Website:

The conversion point of digital marketing campaigns is critical. Strong editorial content and clear conversion pathways help users navigate your website and take action.

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