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Target the exact queries your audience is looking for with hyper-relevant search ads. With Silverback as your paid search agency, you’ll build scalable campaigns that maximize return on ad spend, are driven by data, and put you front-and-center for your target audience.


Long Home Products Increase in Online Leads YoY


FiscalNote Increase in Demo Requests YoY


AAFMAA Decrease in Cost Per Lead YoY


Long Home Products Increase in Online Leads YoY


FiscalNote Increase in Demo Requests YoY


AAFMAA Decrease in Cost Per Lead YoY


Long Home Products Increase in Online Leads YoY


FiscalNote Increase in Demo Requests YoY


AAFMAA Decrease in Cost Per Lead YoY

WHY CHOOSE Silverback AS
Your Paid Search Marketing Agency?

The development of AI and automation has revolutionized paid search marketing. Today, you can let technology do the heavy lifting while you focus on the strategy and gleaning insights from results. Our paid search marketing teams collaborate across disciplines to generate the right leads and sales for your business.

We’ve evolved alongside platforms like Google since the early days of pay-per-click advertising. Our services combine platform expertise with a multi-faceted strategy to bring you the right kind of leads and sales.

Recognized by Ad Age, Inc. Magazine, and Washington Post as a best place to work, Silverback is a destination for top marketing talent in the nation. Our culture embraces open, honest communication between peers, colleagues, and clients alike. This approach leads to more meaningful relationships and alignment between business goals and marketing objectives. 

Silverback structures teams for both performance and collaboration using behavioral analytics. These teams embed channel specialists around clients based on their business model. Your paid search specialist would work closely with SEO, creative and analytics teammates to test, analyze results, iterate and improve. 

Our Paid Search Strategy Process

Align Goals + Objectives

We begin engagements with a discovery phase to understand your business, goals, target customers, and the resources you have. Then we map your lead-to-sales journey to understand what your audience is searching for at each step.

Build the Foundation

Next, we research your buyers to examine why, when and how they interact with you or your competitors. Sourcing insights from customers influences a creative strategy that will resonate. Then we build a plan for how success will be measured, based on your digital marketing objectives

Launch Your Campaign

We audit your current paid search efforts, present and execute a strategy aligned with your marketing goals, and benchmark early performance against comparable businesses or industries.

Evolve + Optimize

Finally, testing and continuous feedback loops with Analytics teams help iterate and evolve your campaign over time. At this point, we’re able to conduct structured tests and complex analyses to optimize performance.

Types of Paid Search Services

Since the inception of Google Adwords in 2000, paid search has given marketers an opportunity to get in front of buyers at the point of purchase intent. Silverback’s platform experts, analytics specialists, and in-house researchers and copywriters collaborate to deliver paid search campaigns that maximize results and drive higher returns.

Google Ads

Google Ads is essential to connecting with customers on the web. Automation and machine learning allows for technology to pinpoint the optimal placement and timing of ads. Tap into the power of these technologies and pair them with strategic insights for a winning result. Learn More

Microsoft/Bing Ads

Microsoft/Bing Ads rounds out your paid search strategies by reaching the parts of your audience that operate outside of Google’s sphere. We craft strategies and ad creative designed specifically for this unique group to capture the entirety of your searching audience. Learn More

What’s Included In Paid Search Management?

Ad Account Buildout

If you don’t already have an ad account, we’ll help create one for you. If you have an existing ad account, we will create an optimization plan or restructure your account, if needed.

Search Campaign Audits

Dive deep into the current structure of your paid search campaigns to understand what’s working and not. Explore the search landscape you operate within to identify priority keyword themes.

Budget Analysis & Management

Advanced AI combined with human oversight ensures your budget is best spent.

Campaign Targeting Strategy

Combine keyword research, audience research, and your first-hand knowledge for targeted ads and campaigns.

Conversion Tracking

Proper measurement and tracking for in-depth analysis of campaigns for ongoing optimization.

Custom Reports

Reporting that’s focused on ROI and your bottom line, delivered in an easy-to-understand way.

Transparency and Communication

Ongoing communication and weekly meetings to ensure you’re connected with spending and performance.

“I’ve worked with a lot of agencies over my 21 years in digital, and Silverback is fantastic. We’ve seen phenomenal growth.”

“Working with Silverback is easy. We see better engagement and more revenue for less spend.”

“The best part about working with Silverback is they ARE my marketing team.”

Nancy Weaver, Digital Marketing Manager, Lexis Nexis

Romain Coetmellec, Digital Fundraising Director, Ocean Conservancy

Chris Kolling, Head of Marketing, Deepwatch


How we use behavioral analytics to build high-performance teams

How we use behavioral analytics to build high-performance teams

Frequently Asked Questions

Silverback doesn’t restrict our paid search service to one specific medium. We recognize that searches primarily happen via Google and as a result, we prioritize that platform. However, we still make sure to research other sites like Bing, who are also worth incorporating into your budget for wider audience reach. 

Over the past few years, we have learned and adapted from working in silos, since they become restrictive and create points of overlap. As a result, we reorganized our agency and created the Troop structure. Under a Troop, channel experts work collectively on the same clients, sharing information and aligning strategies. Visibility across both organic and paid is factored in when crafting and optimizing your strategy. This interdisciplinary approach results in a whole that is truly greater than the sum of the individual parts. Silverback’s digital marketing services allow internal teams to work as one, communicating without the burden of silos, to boost your bottom line.

Organic and paid search can work together to optimize your efforts and budget. Organic search is best for targeting longer-tail keywords that are higher up in the funnel. Paid search excels at conversion-orientated, intent-driven keywords. Additionally, if you already rank #1 organically for some keywords, you can prioritize your budget in other areas as you already show up at the top of the SERP. 

Yes. Bidding on branded keywords is an investment, but it will avoid the possibility of your competitors taking your potential customers who are searching for your business directly.

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