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Reach your audience on platforms they use every day. Strong creative strategies and precise targeting grabs the attention of users and gets them to act. Silverback’s paid social media advertising services take the best ad creative and the best of automation to yield impressive returns on ad spend.


Long Home Products Increase in Online Leads YoY


LexisNexis Decrease in Cost Per Conversion YoY


AAFMAA Decrease in Cost Per Lead YOY


Long Home Products Increase in Online Leads YoY


LexisNexis Decrease in Cost Per Conversion YoY


AAFMAA Decrease in Cost Per Lead YOY


Long Home Products Increase in Online Leads YoY


LexisNexis Decrease in Cost Per Conversion YoY


AAFMAA Decrease in Cost Per Lead YOY

WHY CHOOSE Silverback AS
Your Paid Social Agency?

You need a strong team that will get you results. Silverback offers various social media advertising services tailored to match specific business goals. You’ll leverage as much first-party data as possible and work closely with a dedicated team to develop a creative strategy designed to convert. Staffed by top marketers from around the country, and with an award-winning company culture, Silverback is a true partner, not just an agency.  

You’re looking for a well-versed, performance-driven digital agency that delivers results.  We’ve grown alongside platforms for over 15 years. Our services combine platform expertise with advanced perspective that delivers the right kind of leads and sales.

When our team succeeds, so do you.  It’s no wonder Silverback has been recognized as a top place to work by organizations like Inc. Magazine, Ad Age and Washington Post.  Healthy teams that communicate freely and honestly mean happier and higher-performing clients.

Our team of channel and service experts  work hand-in-hand with teammates in other disciplines. This enables new kinds of tests and insights that ensures continued performance campaign after campaign.

Our Paid Social Process

Align Goals + Objectives

Our process begins by mapping your lead-to-sales journey and establishing baseline conversion rates for your marketing and sales funnels. This is used to forecast lead and sales goals.

Build the Foundation

Next, we research your buyers and competitors then audit your existing ad accounts. With these audience and competitor insights, we build a media plan and bid strategy for your campaign.

Launch Your Campaign

Our platform experts set up lead integrations, map audiences, build account structures, then monitor campaigns closely after launch. This way, campaigns launch smoothly and performance is tracked properly.

Evolve + Optimize

Finally, we establish a feedback loop between paid media, analytics, and your sales organization to monitor lead quality and conversions. From there, we make adjustments to creative and targeting to improve performance.

Silverback's Paid Social Solutions

On social media platforms, you need to stop users mid-scroll. With Silverback, your campaigns are rooted in strong ad creative, use machine learning, and are managed by a team that keeps up with the latest platform changes and pushes boundaries to help your marketing evolve.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is one of the best mediums for awareness and acquisition. Paid social media ads on Facebook are cost-effective and great for lead generation. Silverback has experience running successful campaigns across many different verticals, complete with access to tools that maximize reach and conversion. Learn More

Instagram Advertising

Instagram’s audience can turn Instagram ads into revenue-generating lead tools. Targeting, messaging, and data-backed creative get your ads to stand out and get your audience to convert on this highly visual social platform. Learn More

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn paid social ads yield high-quality leads thanks to the role-specific targeting tools it offers. Silverback works directly with LinkedIn representatives for easy access to new exclusive features and optimize for the best creative that makes an impact.
Learn More

YouTube Advertising

YouTube grabs your audience’s attention and delivers your message efficiently and creatively. With the power of our paid social and design experts, your YouTube video campaigns make use of the various ad features available on the leading video platform. Learn More

TikTok Advertising

TikTok paid media campaigns connect with audiences and thrive in the D2C space for businesses looking to make an impact on younger audiences. Explore and develop strategies that take advantage of the visual and video nature of this app. Learn More

Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat grabs your audience’s attention with eye-catching visuals that encourage interaction —giving you awareness and conversion in one. With strategies designed with Snapchat’s features in mind, you’ll increase your audience base and get your message out. Learn More

What’s Included in Paid Social Media Management?

Specific audience targeting

Leverage per-platform targeting capabilities to create laser-focused campaigns around specific audiences.

Mobile optimized ads

Design ads and campaigns that reach users where they are, down to the device.

Dedicated account manager

Work with a consistent person with the sole responsibility of ensuring the effective processes of our social media advertising services.

Campaign tracking and reporting

Track campaign performance from impression to conversion with consistent and transparent reporting.


Constant iterative testing allows for insights to be gathered each time we run a campaign.

Campaign strategy and planning

Our campaign planning and strategies are specific and flexible to meet the precise business goal of each client.

"I very much appreciate the team's hard work and dedication to our brand. With the results we see and how easy it is to work together, Silverback is a true partner."

"The Silverback Team is amazing! They drive and execute my digital and content strategies. I'm a very happy customer."

“Working with Silverback is easy. We see better engagement and more revenue for less spend.”

Amanda Hauptfleisch, Associate Director of Marketing, Cornell

Chris Kolling, Head of Marketing, Deepwatch

Romain Coetmellec, Role, Ocean Conservancy


How to Build and Scale a First-Party Data Strategy

How to Build and Scale a First-Party Data Strategy Download


Social platforms are constantly changing, and it's easiest to stay up to date with all the changing information when that's the only job you have. Other reasons why you might have to outsource your paid social campaigns include:

  • Easy identification of opportunities and shortcomings 
  • Experts handle the process with access to required technologies
  • Effective strategy, tracking, and reporting 
  • Saves your business time and potentially reduces cost in the long run
  • Side benefits of additional marketing-related benefits of the social media marketing agency 
  • You get a fresh and flexible perspective on your social media marketing activities

Our performance creative teams specialize in optimizing ad copy and design for your specific campaigns, messaging, and audiences. The circular feedback loop between paid social specialists and creatives keeps everyone on the same page. 

When deciding which ad format to leverage, we always come back to our original strategy. What are you trying to accomplish? What are your goals? What do we have to work with? Where is your audience? These questions help us determine which ads we need, where we need to place them, and what goes into the creative and content of them.

These are two great tools that when put together can help a business prosper. Organic social zeroes in on building brand awareness, while paid social focuses on driving action and conversions via ads. Keeping this in mind while building out a social strategy can help you receive better insights and results.

Lookalike audiences are a way to connect with potential customers who have similarities to your current customers. A lookalike audience is created by leveraging demographics, interests and/or behavior from your current customers (first-party data), then locates other users who exhibit some or all of those qualities. Once this audience has been located, your ad will then be presented to this market. Read more about lookalike audiences here.

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