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LinkedIn’s advertising targeting options can serve ads based on profile data. But it takes more than just good targeting to generate high-quality leads in a crowded feed. It requires a deep understanding of your buyers, messaging, data-driven creative, and ongoing optimization. Work with a performance-driven LinkedIn ads agency with over a decade of experience in B2B.

WHY CHOOSE Silverback AS
Your LinkedIn Ads Agency?

Go beyond vanity metrics and focus on the conversions and specifics that drive high ROI and boost your bottom line. As a performance-driven LinkedIn ads agency, we execute your strategy with the entire customer journey in mind. Platform, channel, and service experts collaborate together to share insights and solve challenges. 

You’re looking for an experienced, performance-driven LinkedIn ads agency that drives results.  We’ve evolved alongside LinkedIn since the early days of digital marketing. Our services combine platform expertise with strategic perspective to bring you the right kind of leads and sales.

Teams that communicate openly and honestly lead to happier and higher-performing clients. It’s no wonder organizations like Inc. Magazine, Ad Age and Washington Post have recognized Silverback as a top place to work. 

Our LinkedIn platform specialists don’t just work in silos. They collaborate with teammates in other disciplines like SEO, analytics, content and creative. This way, strategies are designed in a holistic way to compliment your campaigns across channels.

Our LinkedIn Advertising Process

Align Goals + Objectives

First, our team establishes funnel conversions rates and creates a diagram of your lead-to-sale journey. Then, we connect your business goals to marketing objectives so our LinkedIn advertising efforts make the biggest impact.

Build the Foundation

Next, we seek to understand why your buyers buy from you. This understanding helps develop a relevant and compelling creative strategy. Success will be measured based on your digital marketing objectives.

Launch Your Campaign

Then, our platform experts ensure campaigns launch smoothly and analytics are set up properly to measure performance. Getting this right starts the campaign on a positive note.

Evolve + Optimize

Finally, once testing and feedback loops between platform, creative and analytics teams are established, we conduct structured tests to iterate and evolve your campaign over time.

Types of LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn has become the premier social media platform for business professionals. Work with a LinkedIn advertising agency to take full advantage of all the platform features you need to put your strategy into action.

Single Image Ads

Deliver your message to targeted audiences directly in the LinkedIn feed.

Carousel Image Ads

Engage your audience with a swipeable series of cards in the LinkedIn feed.

Video Ads

Leverage motion graphics and footage to reach specific users in the feed, across desktop and mobile.

Text Ads

Display a small ad that includes a headline, short description, and an optional image.

Dynamic Ads

Personalize your message based on user profile data.

Sponsored Messaging

Send direct messages calling for a specific action, or start quality conversations with your target audience.

What’s Included in LinkedIn Advertising Services?

With Silverback, you’ll target the right LinkedIn audience, understand your buyers and competitors, monitor progress with reports and dashboards, and see advertisements come to life with research-backed creative.

Audience Demographic Targeting

Run campaigns with strategies that maximize the professionally-based demographic nature of LinkedIn’s advertising targeting options to serve ads to prospects that meet certain sales criteria.

Competitor Research and Differentiation

Find gaps in competitor campaigns and recognize where your business can stand out in a crowded marketplace with clear research and messaging differentiation.

Reporting + Optimization

Follow the progress of campaigns and ad spend with straightforward reports and understand what worked and what didn’t with each campaign while we apply what we learn to the next one.

Ad Copy + Design

Match each unique audience with specifically tailored ad copy and design assets to maximize the effectiveness of every dollar spent.

“I’ve worked with a lot of agencies over my 21 years in digital, and Silverback is fantastic. We’ve seen phenomenal growth.”

“What stands out to me when working with Silverback is they’re proactive, responsive, and their SEO expertise is top-notch.”

“Silverback Strategies has been a lifesaver for us in the SEO space.”

Nancy Weaver, Digital Marketing Manager, Lexis Nexis

Pia Miralao, Director of Web Properties, K12

Julia Ziegler, Director of News & Programming, WTOP


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. LinkedIn Ads connect businesses with qualified potential customers thanks to its professional-based targeting options. This approach allows ads to be served to professionals you can pre-determine would be interested in your business. LinkedIn’s advertising targeting options are best used by B2B businesses. 

LinkedIn has quickly become one of the most important online platforms, largely because those interested in professional and career development consistently utilize the platform. Learn more about how LinkedIn can boost your full-funnel marketing strategy with this blog: LinkedIn Digital Marketing: How to Scale Up to A Full Funnel Strategy. 

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