SEO Management Services

Search engine ranking algorithms constantly evolve. Businesses must take a holistic SEO campaign management approach that stays ahead of algorithm updates and changes in consumer behavior. Silverback Strategies’ professional SEO services combine technical expertise with content marketing specialists to produce consistent growth.


eCornell increase in domain authority YoY


Long Home Products increase in web traffic YoY


Ritz-Carlton Residences increase in sales YoY


eCornell increase in domain authority YoY


Long Home Products increase in web traffic YoY


Ritz-Carlton Residences increase in sales YoY


eCornell increase in domain authority YoY


Long Home Products increase in web traffic YoY


Ritz-Carlton Residences increase in sales YoY

Why Choose Silverback as Your
Performance SEO Agency?

Silverback’s SEO management services are supported by customer research and a data-obsessed team that flexes and grows right alongside your business. With fifteen years of experience providing professional SEO services, we understand how marketing teams can increase visibility in search results.

You’re looking for an experienced, performance-driven SEO agency that drives results. We’ve been doing that for 15 years. Our professional SEO services combine technical optimizations with content and analytics to drive quality organic traffic.

After all, healthy teams that communicate openly and honestly mean happier and higher-performing employees and clients. It’s no wonder organizations like Inc. Magazine, Ad Age and Washington Post have recognized Silverback as a top place to work.

Our SEO experts work hand-in-hand with teammates in other disciplines. This way, SEO strategies are designed in a way to compliment your content marketing and paid media campaigns for a holistic experience throughout the customer journey.

Our SEO Process

Align Goals + Objectives

First, our team maps your lead-to-sale journey to understand how buyers are interacting with your brand today. Then we connect your business goals to marketing objectives so our SEO services focus on making an impact where it matters the most.

Build the Foundation

Next, we research your buyers to examine why, when and how they interact with you or your competitors. These insights influence the content strategy your site needs to rank organically. Then we build a plan for how success will be measured, based on your digital marketing objectives.

Launch Your Campaign

We examine your current website to understand its positioning on search engines, how it relates to competitors, and identify opportunities for improvement. On-page optimizations target existing content updates to improve performance as well as new content for production.

Evolve + Optimize

Finally, testing and continuous feedback loops between Analytics and Content teams help iterate and evolve your site strategy over time. At this point, we’re able to get more sophisticated with structured tests to optimize performance.

Types of SEO Management Services

The search environment is hyper competitive and increasingly complex. Without a strategy that sets a strong technical foundation and examines search intent across the customer journey, you could miss out on valuable leads and sales. You need an SEO agency that keeps your marketing objectives aligned with business goals and the expertise to move projects along so you can see results.

Editorial SEO

Our Editorial SEO service combines the two areas of expertise you need to produce organic growth: technical experts that understand how to optimize the backend of a website for SEO and content strategists that understand what type of content audiences are looking for along their purchase journey.
Learn More

Local SEO

Local intent makes up a high percentage of searches, and yet few businesses make it in the top three suggestions of the competitive map pack. Take advantage of the high conversion rate local searches have by getting your business seen where and when it needs to be. Learn More

Technical SEO

Set the right foundation for your website on the back-end so your content can be found by search engines, prospects and customers. A strong website foundation with an organized content architecture makes for higher traffic and conversions. Learn More

International SEO

If a good share of your target audience stems from a different country, speak different languages—or both—your site may need international SEO. Optimize your site for the SERP landscapes of other countries and languages, helping you define relationships between translated content and country-level search indices. Learn More

SEO Audits

Your website is a living digital property and never stops evolving. But this evolution isn't always approached with SEO in mind. In any given year, content is added and/or removed. SEO audits identify critical issues and lay out a roadmap of where the biggest opportunities for improvement may be. Learn More

SEO for Website Migration Support

Sites build up organic visibility and equity over time. New URLs, content, or migrating your CMS risks a loss of authority, keyword rankings and traffic. A good website migration strategy mitigates traffic loss, maintains rankings, and uses site changes for new keyword opportunities. Learn More

What’s Included in SEO Management Services?

Website, Technical, and Content Audits

Examine your existing performance and identify opportunities and areas for improvements.

Competitor + Industry Analyses

Gain insight into competitors' performance and where the industry is heading to give you an edge.

In-Depth Keyword Research and Strategy

Research and identify keywords that give you the best advantage in improving search engine results through a tailored strategy.

SEO-Driven Editorial Strategy

Put audience research into practice with a content strategy that considers keywords, business goals, and content gaps.

Ongoing Reporting and Monitoring

See the health and performance of the website with regular reporting and monitoring.

“I’ve worked with a lot of agencies over my 21 years in digital, and Silverback is fantastic. We’ve seen phenomenal growth.”

“What stands out to me when working with Silverback is they’re proactive, responsive, and their SEO expertise is top-notch.”

“Silverback Strategies has been a lifesaver for us in the SEO space.”

Nancy Weaver, Digital Marketing Manager, LexisNexis

Pia Miralao, Director of Web Properties, K12

Julia Ziegler, Director of News & Programming, WTOP

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SEO Migration Checklist

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can! Our expert team is always keeping up on the latest trends to optimize Google Business Profile listings successfully, especially with the rise of zero-click searches. We make sure you have the local authority you need to give you the best visibility in your markets. To find out more, check out our Local SEO services.

The answer is dependent on your business type, industry, and primary way of capturing leads and traffic. Our knowledgeable team can help you narrow down the best services our SEO agency offers and make sure they align with your overall conversion, traffic, and ROI goals.

There are several ways to measure the effectiveness of SEO, and it ultimately comes down to your company’s goals and how you define success with a marketing campaign. We help craft the right metrics to prioritize and improve them over the course of an SEO campaign. Common KPIs can include keyword rankings, search engine results page (SERP) visibility and Share of Voice, and increases in organic traffic and goal completions. More mature SEO programs can optimize for areas like organic share of voice and higher quality web behavior of organically-sourced site traffic. Our team remains in constant communication with you to report on the right mix of KPIs for your business model and stages of SEO maturity as an SEO campaign progresses.

SEO can be a slow burn. It takes time to see sustained SEO results, if you have done it the right way. On average, we start seeing directional organic traffic gains in the first 6 months and significant year-over-year growth after 12 months. An experienced SEO company like Silverback can help map out the game plan and timelines while setting expectations you can depend on.

Getting organic users to your site is just the start. We analyze your customer journey to ensure we have a thorough SEO strategy mapped out to every step of the sales funnel, so the organic traffic we build can be ready to take the right actions depending on where they are on their journey. Providing your visitors with quality content that answers their questions, addresses their needs, and genuinely helps them feel confident with your business are great ways to keep them engaged and primed to convert. In addition to great content, optimizing the user experience of the site (Core Web Vitals, mobile optimization, form placement, etc.) can help turn that traffic into conversions.

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