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Snapchat currently has 42 million Gen Z users today. That number is projected to reach 49.5 million by 2025. Work with a Snapchat advertising agency that can help you reach these buyers as they increase their purchase power. Combine design, content, analytics, and channel expertise for the best of technical and creative ad campaigns.

Why Choose Silverback as Your
Snapchat Advertising Agency?

Snapchat is a unique platform that requires a specialized approach. By aligning our initiatives to your larger marketing efforts, business goals, and audience needs and behaviors, we’re able to see where and when and how Snapchat marketing can play a role in your larger digital marketing strategy. Our channel experts then dig in to help you take advantage of platform nuances and features so your campaign performs at its best.

Over the last fifteen years, we’ve seen the rise and fall of many digital marketing platforms. Working with Silverback gives you a flexible partner who is able to adapt your strategy to changes in technology, regulations, and consumer behavior.

That’s why we focus so much on building stronger, healthier teams. And it’s had an impact on our clients as well as our company culture. Publications like Inc. Magazine, Ad Age and Washington Post have all recognized Silverback as a top place to work.

Instead of specialists grouped together in departments, we organize teams of cross-functional marketers around clients. This way, we’re able to share insights across the customer journey and innovate new approaches to full-funnel campaigns.

Our Snapchat Marketing Process

Align Goals + Objectives

First, our team dives deep into your lead-to-sale journey to understand how buyers interact with your brand today. Then, we connect your business goals to your Snapchat marketing objectives to build out a campaign that delivers results.

Build the Foundation

Next, we research your buyers and your audience to examine how and why they make purchase decisions. These insights provide direction for a creative strategy that will resonate with buyers.

Launch Your Campaign

Our team of paid media specialists knows how to operate the Snapchat platform so your campaigns are set up properly and go live without a hitch.

Evolve + Optimize

Finally, we establish a feedback loop between Analytics, Paid Media and Creative teams to review performance, iterate and evolve your campaign over time.

What’s included in Snapchat Ads Management Services?

As a platform, Snapchat can be similar to other social media channels in terms of creative needs, tracking, and campaign setup. However, there are unique targeting tactics available. Work with experts who understand the platform and can use it effectively for your Snapchat marketing campaign.

Audience Demographic Targeting

The best way to drive conversions and engagements in your Snapchat ad campaign is to target your chosen demographic effectively. Regardless of your audience, our experts make it easy.

Competitor Research and Differentiation

Effective competitor research can help you learn everything you need to know to stand out from the crowd.

Ad Copy + Design

As a visual medium, Snapchat ads need quality creative and pinpointed messaging to stand out from everyone else. Our teams get you there.

Reporting + Optimization

No effective campaign is complete without data-driven reporting. Understand and optimize your campaign effectively with clear reports and dashboards.

Types of Snapchat Ads

Snapchat has become a top social media platform for Gen Z users. Work with a Snapchat advertising agency to take full advantage of all the platform features you need to put your strategy into action.

Single Image or Video Ads

This full-screen mobile ad appears in between or after content on Snapchat, such as User Stories, Publishers, Creators, and Our Stories.


Filters are artistic overlays that appear after you take a Snap and swipe left or right. They can contain stylized text and images that convey where the Snap was taken, like a city, shop, restaurant, event, etc.


Create interactive moments with augmented reality experiences. Lenses use augmented reality to place objects and animated characters in Snaps.

Story Ads

Convey your brand’s message in a highly consumable way. Story Ads let you reach Snapchatters in between content, or with a branded tile in Snapchat’s Discover section

Product Catalog Ads

Showcase a series of products with Product Catalog Ads. These shoppable ad formats showcase the products, services, or experiences you sell online.


Engage your audience and drive brand awareness. Commercials are non-skippable for six-seconds but can be up to three minutes long. These ads appear within Snap’s curated content.

“I’ve worked with a lot of agencies over my 21 years in digital, and Silverback is fantastic. We’ve seen phenomenal growth.”

“What stands out to me when working with Silverback is they’re proactive, responsive, and their SEO expertise is top-notch.”

“Silverback Strategies has been a lifesaver for us in the SEO space.”

Nancy Weaver, Digital Marketing Manager, Lexis Nexis

Pia Miralao, Director of Web Properties, K12

Julia Ziegler, Director of News & Programming, WTOP


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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, Snapchat ads start at $5 per day, but their platform makes it easy to set a budget and adjust as your campaign changes.

Learning how to market on Snapchat gives you a valuable opportunity to connect with a younger audience eager to learn more about your brand.

At Silverback, we deliver creative, data-driven Snapchat marketing campaigns that feel authentic to your brand. Our creatives are familiar with the unique differentiators of this platform and can work closely with your in-house team to produce the best results, all while our platform experts know the ins and outs to make your campaigns sing.

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