The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Baltimore is luxury living at the heart of Federal Hill’s waterfront.

Prior to their grand opening, the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Baltimore had 139 contracts for 192 units. And then the housing crisis of 2008 happened. More than 85% of those contracts defaulted.

To make matters worse, if users searched for “the ritz in baltimore” on Google, they would find a local gentlemen’s club before Ritz-Carlton Residences. They knew they needed higher search visibility and more sales, fast.

Unprecedented marketing reporting showed the revenue impact of each online marketing channel.

Through a process designed for clear communication built a foundation of trust, Ritz-Carlton Residences and Silverback drove qualified web traffic with a higher likelihood of purchasing luxury properties.

The Ritz-Carlton Residences targeted keywords across search channels that captured audiences with a higher chance of converting into sales.

The technical foundation of the Ritz-Carlton Residences website was improved to align with the keyword strategy.

Advanced analytics ensured Ritz-Carlton Residences drove high-quality leads, not just quantity.

We went from having 10 sales in a year to averaging 30 to 40 sales a year for the next three years.


Results from collaborating with Silverback

Sales increase YoY


Organic web Traffic YoY


SERVICES THAT DROVEDramatic Increase in Annual Sales

Specialized reports identified the keyword and source for every lead generated, focusing SEO efforts on the keywords that brought in actual buyers.

Targeted PPC, display and remarketing campaigns drove the traffic needed to analyze performance. Rapid creative adjustments allowed for real-time testing to optimize at scale.

At the core of their marketing engine was an advanced lead attribution and reporting model. This enabled Ritz-Carlton Residences to evaluate performance of each of their online marketing channels to make investments with a high probability of return.


Research-Focused SEO:

Audience research examines why users search for organizations like you. These insights guide content creation and website development to attract qualified search traffic.

Paid Media Expertise:

As a Google Partner, our paid media team has platform expertise and stays current on industry best practices. We also work closely with in-house content, creative and analytics teams that allows clients to iterate and rapidly improve campaigns.

Conversion-Focused Website:

The conversion point of digital marketing campaigns is critical. Strong editorial content and clear conversion pathways help users navigate your website and take action.

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