The Marketing Leaders’ Guide to SEO


The Marketing Leaders’ Guide to SEO

Your website is the central hub of your digital marketing presence. It’s at the heart of everything you do. More web traffic means more leads and sales for your business. Which is why your website and the content you create should be easily found by ideal customers and search engines.

This ebook is intended to help marketing leaders who need to understand both the strategy and tactics of their operation. It will help you understand just enough about specific aspects of SEO to make informed strategy decisions. Here’s a look at each chapter in this comprehensive ebook:

Introduction: The Role of SEO In Digital Marketing

Chapter 1: SEO In Your Marketing Team Structure

Chapter 2: Identifying SEO Opportunities

Chapter 3: Creating New Website Content

Chapter 4: Refreshing Existing Content

Chapter 5: Technical SEO

Chapter 6: Local SEO

Chapter 7: Link Authority

Chapter 8: Ecommerce SEO

Chapter 9: International SEO

Chapter 10: SEO for Website Migrations

Chapter 11: SEO Reporting Setup

Appendix: Tools & Resources