Understanding how to use the powerful new Facebook Pixel

Andrew Fuchs For the past several months, Facebook has discussed the rollout of its new, integrated Facebook Pixel, which combines its old solutions for remarketing and conversion tracking with a few added bonuses. As they plan to phase out their older methods in favor of this updated Facebook Pixel, the success of your Facebook campaigns will soon depend on your ability to transition properly and ensure that all of your tracking continues without any lapses. Conversion tracking with the updated Facebook Pixel  Previously, the Custom Audience Pixel, deployed site-wide, captured data for…

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Marketers: ad blockers are everywhere. It’s time to know your enemy.

Amy Goffe For many PPC and SEO pros, striving to rank high on the SERP and receive qualified clicks and conversions takes priority.  But how is reaching that goal possible when qualified leads are downloading ad blockers?  Ad blockers - "Internet browser extensions that block and prevent advertisements from showing up on websites" - are becoming more popular and pose some serious threats to digital marketers and publishers. Marketers, however, are finding opportunities to capitalize on to slide on past the roadblocks.   A brief history of ad blockers First used in Germany in…

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$250 and a dream: My semester in the Google Online Marketing Challenge

Amy Goffe The annual Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC) is wrapping up its ninth year of competition. Thousands of college students around the world are turning in their final reports and, thanks to this intense experience, will either dive into PPC management careers or turn and run far away in the opposite direction.  A little background for those who are unfamiliar with this unique opportunity: the GOMC is a worldwide competition open to students from higher education institutions. Participating students, in teams of three to six, develop and run an online advertising campaign for a for-profit or nonprofit business of their…

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3 powerful new AdWords features every advertiser should know

Matt Weltz Google held its Annual Performance Summit on May 24 and the magnitude of new AdWords features rolled out this year has many digital marketers salivating. For those too busy to watch the hour-long summit, or those who want a quick "How does this affect me?" without being overexposed to Googliness, I have outlined the three new AdWords features that will affect every advertiser. New AdWords features #1: Expanded text ads In an effort to better cater to a mobile-first world, Google announced what are being called the biggest change to text ads since they were introduced 15 years…

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