Instagram advertising is evolving like crazy. Are you?

Carissa McStay Not too long ago, Instagram users could scroll through their feed and see a friend’s French toast, a favorite celebrity’s outfit and a cousin’s view of the sunset without ever stumbling across an ad. When Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, marketers were eager to see how the social media giant would integrate ads into the growing platform while maintaining the clean, visually appealing feed that made Instagram a hit in the first place. The result: a three-year rollout of Instagram sponsored promotions. In late 2013, Instagram served its first sponsored post, a…

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How to get the best insights from Google Analytics & Facebook Ad Campaign Tracking

Andrew Fuchs Google Analytics is, without question, one of the most effective platforms available to track your website’s traffic from many different sources in one place. Even just from an SEM perspective, Google Analytics gives you a great view of how your different paid advertising and social channels are performing and contributing to your overall revenue or lead targets. And it's free. While Google Analytics is certainly a place you’ll want to track your Facebook ad campaigns, it should not be your only method of measurement. Certain metrics can be relied upon between Facebook and Google Analytics, while others are more complex…

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Is Google eliminating AdWords results on the right rail?

Ben Kirst Something’s going down in the way Google presents AdWords results on its organic search engine results pages (SERPs). According to our insider at Google, the search giant is phasing out the text ads on the right hand side of organic SERPs while adding -- or experimenting with adding -- more paid results to the ad stack at the top of any given search page. The change is being made, we are told, to align the number of ads shown in desktop and tablet search results. Google Shopping results will continue to appear on the right rail. Here's an example of…

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Google Rolls Out Google Compare to Help Consumers Make Major Purchases

Ari Morris Before making large purchase decisions, most consumers turn to their smartphones or computers to understand and compare their options. To help make these purchase decisions a bit easier, Google has launched several shopping comparison tools, including Google Compare. Google started out by offering tools for credit cards and car insurance, quickly followed by mortgages this week. Although relatively new in the US, the Google Compare program has been running in the UK since 2012 for car insurance, mortgage rates, credit cards and travel insurance. How Google Compare…

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