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Metrics say more than words

In the PPC world, everything comes down to numbers. And there are a few numbers that speak volumes about Silverback Strategies. The first is this one: 260%.

While Google will tell you that a 2.0% conversion rate is an ambitious target for a successful PPC campaign, Silverback Strategies routinely achieves conversion rates in excess of 7.5%, outperforming the Google benchmark by an average of 260%.

The reason we outperform the rest of the industry is that we practice PPC management unlike the rest of the industry. Most PPC firms are virtual factories, where managers juggle dozens of accounts every day and rapidly churn through clients. Profitable for them, not necessarily for you.

Each of our PPC specialists is assigned a very small fraction of our account load, becoming expert in every aspect of the client’s business, customers and day-to-day market movements. The PPC management we do is labor-intensive, communication-intensive, and incredibly dynamic; and overloading our managers would make success impossible.

Maintaining this service model requires us to be selective and pragmatic in choosing clients. We will objectively analyze your business, goals and budget well before we negotiate terms. If we determine that we can’t bring value to your organization or that our methodology isn’t a good fit for you, we won’t take on your business. Consequently, you can be confident that once we partner with you, we’ll deliver the results we promise.

We make it about you

Another difference you’ll notice about Silverback Strategies is our commitment not only to making your PPC campaigns successful, but also to making you successful. We understand the obligations you have to your stakeholders, and we consider them our obligations, too.

We typically work directly with our client’s digital marketing manager or marketing department – professionals who know first-hand that successful Google AdWords management is a full-time job. In an online market where 580 million searches are conducted each day, PPC is enormously complex. And unless you have the luxury of spending all day on PPC, you won’t get results. We not only achieve exceptional performance, we also make process, progress and resulting ROI crystal clear for you to grasp, validate and regularly report back to your business. In fact, we consider reporting to be a fundamental component of our client service, because we know it’s a crucial part of your job. We’ll work with you to develop the reporting schedule and format that work best for you and your organization – so whether you report back to marketing-, executive- or board-level audiences, you’ll present with clarity and authority.

We went from having 10 sales in a year to averaging 30 to 40 sales a year for the next three years that we were using them. I definitely see Silverback Strategies as a long-term partner for us.

Emily Bock | Project Manager, Ritz Carlton Residences

The promise is the process

How we do our work is complex, dynamic and unrelenting. From setup to research to management and reporting, our approach to PPC is unlike any other. We start with an exhaustive education in your business and sophisticated keyword research that provides the foundation for ongoing refinement, optimization, reporting and analysis.

We not only achieve exceptional performance, we also make process, progress and resulting ROI crystal clear for you to grasp, validate and regularly report back to your business.

Silverback Strategies offers ecommerce marketers a comprehensive 60-day 100% money-back performance guarantee for new clients. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our relationship within the first 60 days of our contract, we’ll refund 100% of all fees paid to us, no questions asked.

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