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Editorial SEO Services

A Strategic Approach to Search

Steady Visibility in a Changing Environment

Silverback Strategies’ aggressive approach to search engine optimization provides client partners with the expedited SERP performance that a business needs for growth. Our SEO experts work directly with Silverback’s Creative Team to streamline the research, strategy and execution of Editorial SEO programs. Working in tandem allows us to address Technical SEO issues, identify key areas of organic search opportunity and produce the assets needed to rank higher, faster.

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Silverback’s Editorial SEO offering provides the flexibility partners need to get maximum value from their engagement. Our SEO Team can gear the Editorial SEO program to fit very specific Local SEO, mobile SEO or ecommerce needs; work seamlessly with clients’ internal content and creative departments when those resources are available; and solve crucial technical problems that may hinder SERP growth.

Silverback has proven, tactical approaches to current search challenges like Digital Assistants and Voice SEO, Google’s continued development of SERP features and optimizing for formats like video, social media and third-party citations.

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Within four months of working with Silverback, we doubled our organic web traffic.

Kevin Kincaid | CMO, AAFMAA