Data Integrations

Your Data. Connected Seamlessly Together.

At Silverback Strategies, data is central to our services, so we understand the importance of integrating it into our processes – and yours. When combined with CRM and ad platforms, your disparate information becomes insight.

No More Silos or Guesswork

You want your data to work for you, to deliver insight, and to drive business. But that’s hard when data is in different systems across your organization. You’re left guessing ROI, leaving you unclear about what works and hesitant to try something new. Pull disparate data together and leverage in your CRM and ad platforms to develop relevant strategy and tactics that move the needle for your business. That’s where Silverback can help.

Putting All Your Data Together

You have a mountain of data: business intelligence about your industry, your partners, and your customers. But how do you make sense of it all? Working across all platforms, Silverback’s data and analytics team pulls all of this raw data together and plucks out the story of your brand’s digital performance. Then, we align and centralize your data, connecting dots to leverage that insight, hit KPIs, and ultimately drive growth.

The Right Tools

We utilize the full suite of Google Analytics tools, auditing and implementing measurement programs for our clients’ digital projects at an expert level. We can also provide campaign tagging, custom dimensions, metrics, and segments and custom dashboard reports. In addition, we deliver Google Analytics audit and configuration, tag management and implementation, A/B testing and optimization experiments, landing page analyses and website performance reviews.

See How Your Campaigns Work

What’s in it for you? Smarter campaigns that work harder and deliver measurable results. When data is integrated and applied to your CRM and ad programs, measuring the success (and ROI) of campaigns becomes clearer. You’ll gain better transparency into how much revenue and closed sales are the result of each campaign.

Case Stories

How marketing alignment led the Mid-Atlantic’s leading roofing company to extraordinary growth.

Long Roofing integrated marketing data with both sales and operations. The integration and resulting marketing campaigns were so cohesive that the company was able to throttle back when leads overwhelmed call centers and accelerate to meet real revenue goals. 

RESULTS  |  2017-2018

  • 242% in-market revenue increase 
  • 429% online lead increase 
  • 667% web traffic increase

How a leading B2B SaaS company B2B SaaS company pivoted their marketing strategy to drive more qualified opportunities.

A large strategic shift transformed LexisNexis’ marketing strategy. They quickly expanded online visibility to drive performance across various product lines. A full-funnel approach targeted key messages to each stage of the customer journey, and proved to be a reliable way to generate leads.

RESULTS  |  Q1-Q3, 2019

  • 61% reduction in cost per lead 
  • 297% increased ad spend 
  • 922% increase in online conversions

How a 138-year-old company transformed their marketing from traditional to digital.

AAFMAA is the premier financial service provider to the U.S. military community. But despite their size they had little visibility online and needed to quickly grow their member base. With a data-driven approach, AAFMAA was able to measure the impact of both traditional and digital marketing investments, and build a conversion-focused website.

RESULTS  |  2014 – 2015

  • 117% increase in leads
  • 50% decrease in cost-per-lead
  • 100% increase in website traffic

How a prestigious university met insatiable demand in a growing market.

eCornell is Cornell University’s online learning platform. They provide over 80 professional certificate programs, and introduce new certificate programs each month. With a proactive strategy and consistent production of new website content, eCornell significantly increased certificate enrollments and overall search visibility.

RESULTS  |  2017-2018

  • 48% increase in organic enrollments
  • 43% increase in organic web traffic
  • 30% increase in domain authority

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