FiscalNote helps more than 5,000 organizations track policy updates and assess risks.

It’s unusual that a younger company would acquire more storied and established brands, but that’s exactly what FiscalNote did when it acquired Congressional Quarterly (CQ), Roll Call, and most recently, Oxford Analytica. This presented challenges with maintaining brand equity while building FiscalNote’s visibility. 

FiscalNote’s marketing team didn’t have the proper analytics and reporting set up to measure performance, offering an incomplete view of its operation. This made it difficult to know where to invest their time and money.

And then, the pandemic struck…

The impact of COVID-19 forced FiscalNote to scale down marketing and build organic visibility.

Existing content from CQ Roll Call was a valuable resource to build upon.

New campaigns brought visibility to underrepresented products like EU Issue Tracker and FiscalNote State. Today, FiscalNote is able to measure performance against benchmarks, generate more qualified leads, and has clarity in their marketing investments.

A robust reporting dashboard removed guesswork and guided FiscalNote’s marketing investments, thanks to conversion tracking set up across all digital channels.

Collaboration with FiscalNote’s content team drove measurable search results within only a few months.

Handing off technical work to platform experts gave back time and energy to FiscalNote’s digital marketing team.

“Even in the early stages of working with Silverback Strategies for SEO, we saw improvement. Now we have a baseline against which to measure ROI.”


Results from collaborating with Silverback

Increase in demo requests
(2020 – 2021)


Decreased cost per lead
(Q4 2020 – Q1 2021)


Improved CTR from display campaigns (year – year)


SERVICES THATClarify and Focus Digital Marketing Investments

After providing a technical audit, Silverback Strategies combined digital marketing insights from multiple sources into one dashboard. This allowed FiscalNote to see their performance at a glance.

Silverback Strategies collaborated directly with FiscalNote’s content team by providing keyword research, creating outlines for content targeting, and ensuring each page includes only the best, most helpful information.

A display ad analysis identified underperforming assets to pause. Reallocating this budget enabled testing of animated advertisements—a shift from older, static ads. New campaigns were built out to provide visibility for some of their underrepresented products.


Research-Focused SEO:

Audience research examines why users search for organizations like you. These insights guide content creation and website development to attract qualified search traffic.

Paid Media Expertise:

As a Google Partner, our paid media team has platform expertise and stays current on industry best practices. We also work closely with in-house content, creative and analytics teams that allows clients to iterate and rapidly improve campaigns.

Conversion-Focused Website:

The conversion point of digital marketing campaigns is critical. Strong editorial content and clear conversion pathways help users navigate your website and take action.

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