Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management That Breaks Through the Clutter

Run just about any search on Google, and it’s easy to see that managing a Google Ads Campaign isn’t as simple as it used to be. Google Ads management can be daunting, especially with continuous platform updates and the incorporation of new, complex and unfamiliar components.

Features like product listing ads, new ad extensions and ad remarketing provide great business opportunities, but these tools have also made paid search much more complicated. To further muddy the waters, new Ads features are emerging all the time, and the high-stakes competition for valuable ad space and user attention gets increasingly perilous.

How can digital marketers succeed in the paid digital media environment? Businesses need true Google Ads management experts like the PPC Team at Silverback Strategies. The experienced Silverback team of Google ads management specialists are  Google Ads certified, of course, but perhaps more importantly, they stay in close communication with insiders at Google to stay on top of of every new feature and opportunity for our clients. Our team is given exclusive access to beta testing programs and the latest, most cutting-edge tools coming out of Google. That’s the type of strategic advantage clients should expect from their Google Ads management partner.

Silverback Strategies uses this advanced technology to supplement our laser-focus on phenomenal results that our clients would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Do we get the job done? The numbers from our Google Ads management services speak for themselves. Our average client conversion rate is 7.5% — that number outperforms the Google benchmark by 260%.

Technology and Google Ads Management

Never underestimate the importance of software in effective PPC. The first things an organization should ask its prospective PPC agency are questions about methods and measurement tools. Any successful PPC strategy demands a powerful engine to get results.

Our Google Ads management services team harnesses the most effective tools to drive conversions for our clients’ sites.

Our team manages performance and spend across thousands of keywords, campaigns and ad versions every day. Our clients spend a minimum of $10,000 each month on their Google Ads campaigns, and our team monitors and controls every last detail, and provide the personal service we’re known for.

We continually monitor huge amounts of campaign data so that we can review and control Ads bids intelligently and make tactical decisions based on complete, accurate information.

Google Ads management isn’t simple. That’s why we stay up-to-date on the latest news and Ads management trends to maximize traffic and earn leads for our clients. Our Paid Media team members aren’t writing copy, playing with PhotoShop or moonlighting as salespeople — Silverback’s Ads management professionals are PPC focused, PPC experts and PPC students. It shows in the results we get for our clients.

Get to know Silverback Strategies and our Google Ads management services team to see the highest return-on-investment on Google Ads spending. Contact Us today for a free quote!

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