Web Development

Build Your Brand’s Digital Presence

Website development is a hot commodity these days. The digital landscape never stops changing, and the quality of a company’s overall digital presence is critical. Web developers determine what your users see when they land on your website, optimize how your site runs behind-the-scenes and manage operations to ensure users’ experiences with you are trouble-free.

Your business needs visibility to generate leads and increase conversions. Excellent websites help companies expand their reach and ultimately generate new business.

A great website allows a business to communicate and interact with its customers, providing them with valuable, engaging content. A high-functioning, well-organized and well-maintained website conveys to consumers that your brand is trustworthy, competent and worth doing business with.

Web development makes consumers aware of the products or services your company offers and demonstrates why your business is relevant to them — and if the website is really good, it will set your business apart from competitors.

Technology with Traffic in Mind

At Silverback, we apply our insights as experts in digital marketing to the web development process, creating websites designed to perform perfectly in mobile and desktop environments, seamlessly integrate SEO tactics, present content in a clean, meaningful way and track analytics accurately behind the scenes. As a web development company, one of our primary goals is to create beautiful, high-performance websites that are data-driven and trackable.

Our knowledge of SEO strategy determines how we structure our websites to ensure that sites are crawlable and seen as valuable by search engines. Our experience with design allows us to create websites that are not only functional on every device, but beautiful as well.

Our in-house content team creates the copy and tone you want using personas, analytics and conversations with you and your team to help you put your brand’s best foot forward.


“I think some firms focus on making cool websites, but they don’t have the SEO experience; they don’t have the paid media experience. Sure, the sites look great but they don’t actually do anything for the client. On the flip side, you have websites that work very well, but they’re just ugly — and no one wants an ugly website.”

Adam Smith, Director of Technology


Web Development Service Offerings

  • PHP/MySQL-based Website Development
  • Website Maintenance:
    • Uptime Monitoring
    • Automated File & Database Backups
    • Security Audits
    • Regular Speed Checks
    • Website Updates
  • Third-Party Hosting Management
  • Integrations:
    • Analytics
    • Marketing Automation
    • CRMs
  • Monthly Project Updates

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