Virginia Search Engine Optimization

Boost Your Business to the Top of the Regional Charts

Millions of new web pages are published each day. All of them are competing for Google’s attention.

Google (and other search engines) assign value to a web page based on an algorithm that determines the right content for a user’s specific search. Sounds so simple, right? Create the right content, get found.

But it’s not that easy, and the stakes are incredibly high. For regional businesses, search rank — especially local search rank — can make or break their ability to be seen online. And if a business isn’t on page one of the search engine results page (often called the SERP)?

It may as well be invisible.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of holistically improving a website with the goal of increasing organic search visibility. At the core of SEO are keywords — terms that help Google and other search engines lead users to the best possible search results. Once we know the right keywords for a business, our goal is to make that website as visible as possible to Google, Bing or any other search engine crawling its content.

Again — this sounds so simple. And again — the stakes are incredibly high. If there’s any disconnect between the words people use to find those products, and the keywords used on your site — well, it’s back to being invisible. No one engages with an invisible website.

The higher a site appears on the SERP, the more clicks it’s going to get — and more customers are going to convert.

Climb the Search Ladder with Keywords

Silverback’s reputation as an elite Virginia SEO company comes from our decade of experience in performance-based digital marketing.

Our SEO approach focuses on every aspect of a website. The goal is to create information architecture that is as valuable as possible — from the copy on any specific page to how quickly a page loads to the way the page is actually programmed.

Our history as an SEO company in Virginia gives us unique insight into the local and regional market. We’ve worked with some of the most recognizable brands in Northern Virginia. We place a strong emphasis on cross-department collaboration, drawing on our internal experts in creative, copywriting, design, mobile development and website development and even paid search to optimize every page on our clients’ sites.

There are three main components of Silverback’s SEO strategy:

  • Technical optimizations. We maximize the ability for search engines to read and index a website.
  • Keyword planning. Google Adwords data, existing keyword rankings, search trends and the client’s top business goals inform how we prioritize and map out content on the website.
  • Content optimizations. We indicate which content is tied to specific keywords so that Google can accurately crawl and rank the web page.

Search Engine Optimization Service Offerings

  • Technical audits
  • Ongoing site maintenance & optimization
  • Keyword strategy and tracking
  • Content optimization
  • Monthly reporting

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