Impact of the American Innovation and Choice Online Act

July 13, 2022


If this bill becomes law, it would have a major impact on digital marketing as we know it. Apple wouldn’t be able to pre-load applications on its devices. Amazon could not preference its in-house label products over third-party sellers’. Google could not surface its reviews over others in search results. 

  • Summary of the bill and its potential impact
  • How it would impact your search visibility on Google
  • How Amazon and Google may pivot to maintain their ecommerce margins
  • The impact on applications that on Apple’s App Marketplace
  • How companies can evolve digital marketing alongside regulatory changes

Recurring guests and SEO experts Kurt Lambert and Geoff Kerbis join the show to discuss how digital marketing could change as a result.

Read the full bill here, summarized by John in the episode.

Here is Rand Fishkin’s take on the new bill, referenced by Geoff.

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