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Work with a premier Philly PPC agency. In today’s digital landscape, creative strategy is just as crucial to your success as accurate data targeting. Our platform specialists use research and data to power creativity. Whether you operate business-to-business (B2B) or direct-to-consumer (DTC), our Philadelphia PPC campaigns are designed to generate the right kind of leads and sales.

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Digital marketing in Philly is competitive. Targeting users in the city of brotherly love is only going to become harder as new regulations for digital advertising loom on the horizon. Work with a Philadelphia PPC agency to help you stand out from the crowd, reach the right buyers, and build a strategy that propels you forward.

We’ve evolved alongside digital advertising platforms like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn since the early days of PPC. When you work with Silverback, your campaigns will have the flexibility to adapt to changes in consumer behavior, technology and regulations.

People drive performance. That’s why we’re laser-focused on teams that communicate well and collaborate effectively.  As a result, AdAge, Inc. Magazine and the Washington Post have recognized Silverback as a top place to work.

Our paid media experts work hand-in-hand with teammates in other disciplines. This way, your strategy is cohesive across major marketing platforms. 

Our PPC Process

Align Goals + Objectives

First, our team maps the journey your buyers take from lead to sale, showing how buyers engage with your business today. Then we align business goals with marketing objectives. This way, your investments make an impact where it matters the most.

Build the Foundation

Next, we set out to understand why, when and how buyers interact with you or competitors. These customer insights direct a creative strategy to use in campaigns. The last part of the foundation is a plan for measuring performance based on your marketing objectives.

Launch the Campaign

Then, our certified platform specialists make sure your campaigns launch smoothly and analytics is set up properly to track performance and report accurate results.

Evolve + Optimize

Finally, we use a feedback loop between analytics, creative, and paid media teams to iterate and optimize your Philadelphia PPC campaign over time.

Types of Philadelphia PPC Services

Your Philadelphia PPC agency should be built to deliver leads and sales on all major marketing platforms. Silverback can help you build a strategy that reflects where buyers are in their customer journey and the channels they prefer to use.

Paid Search

Generate leads at every stage of your marketing funnel with paid search ads. User intent data guides targeting at different parts of the customer journey. This way, you provide the content they need, when they need it.
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Paid Social

Get seen in the feed with the right creative strategy. Our platform experts help you advertise your brand on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. With the right paid social strategy, you can increase brand awareness and drive higher return on ad spend.
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Maintain awareness across the web on platforms like the Google Display Network. These ad campaigns give your brand extensive reach across the web, and can drive leads and sales with the right strategy.
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Performance Creative

Learn why your buyers buy so you can develop a creative strategy that converts. Performance creative targets a specific emotional response, then tests various elements to enhance the quality of your PPC ads.
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What’s Included In Philadelphia PPC Services?

Changing digital ad platforms make the paid media environment complex. You could miss out on leads and sales without the right expertise. Silverback’s paid media services help you build campaigns properly and optimize for ongoing performance.

Media Campaign Planning

Set your strategy and key metrics based on business goals and budgets.

Keyword Management

Leverage intent data to discover, analyze, and optimize keywords all along the customer journey.

Campaign Performance Reporting

See how your campaigns perform in easy-to-use dashboards. See what worked and what needs improvement.

Ad Copy Optimization and Testing

Test different copy variations to continuously improve your conversion rates and keep ad copy fresh.

Audience Optimization and Testing

Take advantage of platform features to prioritize the audience segments most likely to engage with your marketing messages.

Cost and Performance Analysis

Analyze how your campaigns performed against expectations, and garner new insights for future campaigns.

Regularly Scheduled Meetings

Regularly meet with your team for updates on performance, cost, and results.

“I’ve worked with a lot of agencies over my 21 years in digital, and Silverback is fantastic. We’ve seen phenomenal growth.”

“What stands out to me when working with Silverback is they’re proactive, responsive, and their SEO expertise is top-notch.”

“Silverback Strategies has been a lifesaver for us in the SEO space.”

Nancy Weaver, Digital Marketing Manager, Lexis Nexis

Pia Miralao, Director of Web Properties, K12

Julia Ziegler, Director of News & Programming, WTOP


How to Build and Scale a First-Party Data Strategy

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While our headquarters are in Washington, D.C., we have a satellite office in Newtown Square in Philadelphia. This way, we are able to meet with clients in the area and stay in tune with shifts in the local market.

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