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Design plays a critical role in your business’s online performance — and a consumer’s first impression of your capabilities and expertise is often related to their opinion of your company’s website.

You want your website to convey trust and expertise. Is your website user-friendly? Is the layout clean and consistent? Does it accurately represent your brand? Does it work well on any device — mobile, tablet or other?

Excellent website design helps you stay competitive in the ever-changing, ever-expanding digital landscape. A website that is cluttered and disorganized leaves users with little incentive to stay. Would you shop in a store where you couldn’t find anything you needed?

Your website should entice users, encouraging them to stick around and ultimately act on their initial interest.

Design with Data in Mind

As the first thing prospective clients see from your brand online, fixing your website is often the important first step to generating leads and increasing conversions.. If your website is outdated, looks great on some devices but breaks on others, loads too slowly or is difficult to navigate, you’re in trouble.

State-of-the-art web design helps drive customers more efficiently to the information they need, improves engagement and encourages conversions.

Poor user engagement stats can damage your organic search presence.

When users can’t find what they need, they tend to exit your site — fast. When Google sees that, it decides your site isn’t valuable to potential users and starts to drop you in organic search rankings. That’s a big problem.

In a mobile-first world, you need to make sure that your mobile web presence is on point.

Some web designers try to take shortcuts with mobile site design. Their clients pay the price. Google increasingly penalizes sites with poor mobile experiences, and consumers do the same when they bail out of a bad mobile experience rather than struggling to find, learn or buy what they need.

Silverback’s approach to website design focuses on performance optimization. Our experience in SEO, paid media, content marketing, analytics and web development informs the way we design our websites.

Good web design improves SEO because the placement of keywords impacts the ability of search engines to crawl your website easily.

Website design also plays a role in content engagement. Humans are visual beings — layout and formatting greatly influence a user’s desire to interact with web content.

We integrate performance-based strategy into the design process so that our websites don’t just look amazing on any device — they also deliver meaningful, tangible results for our clients.

“Our design services help strengthen campaigns, websites and collateral. Concepts are developed to increase conversions and create an overall better experience for the user. When web design is backed by data, you can transform how consumers interact with your website.”

Kerianne Condon, Art Director

Silverback’s web design services can revamp your website to optimize performance and produce measurable results. Our analysts identify user trends and partner with our designers to better manage user behavior, which allows us to continually monitor and improve your website’s design, creating a more worthwhile experience for the both the user and the client.

Website Design Service Offerings

  • Full Website Redesigns
  • Design Updates for Websites & Individual Landing Pages
  • UX/UI

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