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Brands only get one first impression, and a website is often the first time consumers interact with a brand. A cluttered navigation or a page design that neglects mobile pretty much guarantees a high bounce rate and, ultimately, lost sales opportunities.


Silverback Strategies is a results-driven UX design agency that combines our expertise in performance marketing and superior web design to ensure our clients’ first impressions set them apart from the pack. Our talented designers and developers expertly craft functional, elegant websites that keep both our clients’ values and the user experience in mind in order to drive conversions.

Does the design accurately reflect the brand’s voice? Is the website easy to navigate? Is it user-friendly across all platforms — mobile, desktop and tablet?

These are all important questions we ask each time we audit a new client’s website. By identifying where the opportunities for improvement lie, we can create a website design that leads consumers further down the sales funnel.

Functional Development

Branding, design, usability and function are all elements of a website that can make or break the user experience (UX). If a website visitor stumbles upon a 404 error or experiences slow page speed, trust in the brand dissolves, which can drive the user to seek out a competitor’s site. With guidance from a skilled UX design firm, brands can offer an excellent customer experience built on meaningful, consistent interactions.

Elegant Design

In order to to create a user-friendly website, designers must tap into the psychology of the consumer — which is why we conduct A/B testing and heat mapping to understand user behavior on a website and determine how design can propel consumers further down the sales funnel. Our team understands every potential buyer persona and designs with the intention of providing the user with the answers they need to take action.

Performance Strategy that Shapes Design

As a digital performance UX design agency, lead generation and increased conversions are our top priorities. If a website is outdated, loads too slowly or is difficult to navigate, there’s a strong probability that a brand is losing potential customers.

Silverback’s holistic approach to UX design helps customers quickly find the information they need, improves engagement and encourages conversion action. Performance-based marketing strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, copywriting and analytics all inform the way we design websites to provide our clients with a product that drives meaningful, tangible results.

Silverback Strategies is not just a UX design company. We’re a partner to our clients.

We’re in this together.

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