Google Analytics Consulting

Data-Driven Decision Making

Analytics is arguably the most important element of a successful digital marketing strategy. Just as a doctor wouldn’t diagnose a broken bone without seeing an X-Ray, a business wouldn’t adjust its marketing budget or implement a new digital strategy without knowing how current initiatives perform.

By collecting the necessary data and analyzing campaign performance against certain metrics, businesses are able to see what’s working for them and where they can improve their marketing efforts to boost conversions.

Google Analytics allows a brand to measure the results of individual campaigns in real-time, track when users complete certain actions on their website and much more. It’s why companies across the globe are seeking out Google Analytics services to help better their performance online.

Monitor Digital Performance with Google Analytics

As a Premier Google Partner, Silverback Strategies offers comprehensive Google Analytics services to help clients track and optimize return on investment (ROI).

Our experienced Google Analytics consultants utilize the full suite of Google Analytics tools, auditing and implementing measurement programs for our clients’ digital projects at an expert level. Based on specific client needs, we also provide campaign tagging, custom dimensions and metrics, custom segments and custom dashboards and reports for our clients’ teams.

From tracking organic site traffic to measure the success of content optimizations to identifying slow-loading pages to managing placements for paid Google ad campaigns, Google Analytics consulting can benefit any digital marketing service, including paid search, content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Google Analytics Services

No business is going to invest in SEO, paid search or social promotion without being able to monitor ROI. Our Google Analytics consulting team utilizes the full suite of Google Analytics tools to provide clients with the following services:

Web Analytics Audit. What tools and versions are you using? What events are you tracking beyond visits? We assess your current measurement capabilities to:

  • Develop an appropriate Project Scope
  • Create a Measurement Plan to identify target metrics – including any custom metrics and dimensions

Google Analytics Implementation. We provide recommendations or actual implementation services according to your needs, including all appropriate code required to execute your measurement plan. Implementation typically involves deployment of:

  • Safe and up to date tracking code
  • Google Tag Manager to streamline the tracking process
  • Google Universal Analytics
  • Google display features
  • Site search
  • Campaign tagging
  • Custom dimensions and metrics
  • Custom segments
  • Custom dashboards and reports

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