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Since the launch of YouTube over a decade ago, video has played a leading role in digital marketing. Consumers document and share their lives through livestreaming on Instagram and Stories on Snapchat, and they choose to interact with video content on Facebook over photos and statuses. In fact, Facebook’s algorithm actually prioritizes video over any other type of content.

It just goes to show how valuable video marketing can be to businesses — consumers seek out video content first, so brands that create quality video content are more likely to see increased engagement and, ultimately, a higher conversion rate.

Why wouldn’t all businesses want to tap into this kind of power?

Engage Your Audience With Video Marketing

Great video marketing combines creativity with purpose, packaging a specific message into a unique, interactive experience that can drive the audience from engagement to action.

With a decade of experience in performance-driven digital marketing, Silverback Strategies harnesses the power of video marketing to create high-quality, audience-engaging content that can help fuel all of your digital efforts.

At Silverback, we approach creative strategy from a results perspective. The ultimate goals of our clients are to generate leads and increase conversions. We know how great video marketing can help our clients meet their business objectives and achieve the best possible return on investment.

Video marketing isn’t just about creating quality video content, but rather how that video is used to benefit your other marketing initiatives, like paid media and search engine optimization (SEO):

  • Search engines assign web pages with video content higher rankings than sites with only copy and image content.
  • Video is the most engaging type of content, which means that consumers are more likely to click on paid ads that incorporate video rather than copy and images alone.

Reap the rewards of working with both a creative agency and a performance marketing firm all in one when you work with Silverback Strategies.

Video Marketing Services

Silverback offers in-house, full video production and marketing capabilities. Whether you’re looking for 6-second YouTube bumper ads or a short film, our team handles every step of the process from pre- to post-production.

Production Services

  • Concepting and scriptwriting
  • Casting and talent
  • Location shooting
  • Studio shooting
  • Editing
  • Animation and motion graphics
  • Sound design

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