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Moving Up The Ranks with Ecommerce SEO

When the ultimate goal of an organization is to sell a service or product, driving traffic to owned channels is essential to achieving that end.

Although there are many methods of increasing a website’s page visits, such as paid media and influencer outreach, the most effective is optimizing your website to perform well organically.

That’s where ecommerce SEO comes into play. If an organization isn’t utilizing search engine optimization for their ecommerce website, then searchers won’t find the page through search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

With the advent of mobile-first indexing, digital markets have to get even more creative in ecommerce SEO tactics and content strategy, like using long-tail keywords.

At Silverback Strategies, we offer steady visibility in a constantly evolving environment. Between search engine algorithm updates, changes in consumer behavior and re-optimizing old content for new industry jargon, our ecommerce SEO can drive more traffic to your website.

Ecommerce SEO Services

  • Competitive analysis
  • Technical audits
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword mapping
  • Keyword matrix
  • Monthly and ad hoc reporting
  • Site migration checklist

Organic Traffic Doesn’t Come Easy

Technical SEO is important for any website, but especially crucial for ecommerce sites. Ecommerce websites have more product pages, which means more content management. The more pages an organization has to manage, the greater the chance of development errors and technical SEO issues that leave pages orphaned or noindexed.

If these problems aren’t caught by a professional, it can translate to frustrated searchers, high bounce rates and crawlers unable to read your site.

Site structure is the foundation of a solid ecommerce SEO strategy that drives conversions. Silverback Strategies’ team of technical SEO experts take care of every possible SEO roadblock a consumer could run into.

From boosting site speed to building high-quality backlinks, we make sure our clients get found.

Within four months of working with Silverback, we doubled our organic web traffic.

Kevin Kincaid | CMO, AAFMAA

Revenue Reigns

There are many ways to measure the digital performance of ecommerce SEO strategy, but only one metric that matters to most digital retailers. Revenue is the hard black-and-white reality check that determines whether a digital marketing agency’s ecommerce SEO tactics are working or not.

That why it’s important to find an agency that specializes in ecommerce SEO best practices.

At Silverback Strategies, we use data as the basis of our strategy. We’re known for our ability to increase our clients’ visibility online and convert website visitors into customers.

Our clients achieve an average 411% increase in total top ten rankings, resulting in an average 35% boost in organic traffic.

Strategy That Drives Sales

Silverback Strategies is renowned for our ecommerce SEO tactics. Organizations who are serious about their online presence engage Silverback Strategies for ecommerce SEO, because our approach is radically different from the generic services available from any other digital marketing company.

Our technical SEO managers start by auditing our clients’ websites to diagnose what can be improved or optimized.

We diagnose why high-value pages might not be showing up organically or if content is likely to drive a site visitor farther down the purchase funnel. Duplicate content that could be an issue with crawlers and SEO experts can prioritize pages based on their monetary value.

Silverback Strategies is highly selective and pragmatic in choosing clients to ensure that our ecommerce SEO managers are never spread too thin. Our clients deserve our full attention, which is why set up bi-weekly reporting calls and give direct access to our technical SEO experts.

Trust Silverback Strategies as the expert ecommerce SEO company in Washington D.C. To learn more about how our SEO strategy can help your organization, give us a call or stop by our office in Alexandria, Virginia.

We’re more than just an ecommerce SEO agency. We’re a partner.

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