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The Executive Guide to Measuring Return on Marketing Investment


Use data to measure the impact of your marketing campaigns.

You work hard to bring revenue to your business and help your company grow. But it’s hard to show leadership the impact of your initiatives because the supporting data isn’t always clear. What’s why we’ve created this guide.


  • How to think about return on marketing investment
  • Understanding marketing attribution models and which is right for you
  • Setting up infrastructure for marketing data integration
  • How to measure marketing ROI
  • How Silverback can help
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The B2B Post-Pandemic Playbook


Accelerate through a new business environment.

The COVID-19 global pandemic prompted B2B marketers to recalibrate their marketing strategies and evaluate their messaging. The three keys to being recovery ready are proactivity, differentiation, and efficiency.


  • How to map messages to buyers at each stage of the marketing funnel
  • How to approach developing messages for lead generation campaigns
  • How to leverage first party data to create ‘lookalike’ target audiences
  • How to organize your email marketing for effective nurture campaigns
  • How to approach identifying and measuring key performance indicators