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The Ones That Got Away

Sitka Salmon Shares is a boat-to-doorstep company that harvests, processes, and delivers sustainable, fresh-caught wild Alaskan salmon to customers throughout the United States.

Sitka came to Silverback with a few different challenges. First, a significant portion of website users were exiting without completing a purchase. Second, Sitka was concerned that the pathway to pay-in-full purchases was difficult for customers to navigate.

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Better Lures, A Bigger Catch

Silverback ran an extensive UX audit — including in-person user testing — to ascertain site issues. We fixed all broken functionality, provided more intuitive CTAs, added engaging site features to maintain user attention, streamlined the path to purchase and offered a branded checkout page to promote user trust.


The results were immediate. In the three months following implementation, conversions increased — on average — by 370 per month versus totals from the previous year. The monthly conversion rate increased by 36%. Best of all — total Y-o-Y sales were up by 107 percent, creating over $390,000 in new sales revenue.

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