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Digital video advertising spend will hit $22 billion by 2021, further intensifying the battle for audience attention in the competitive digital environment.

Silverback Strategies approaches video with performance top of mind. We value affordable, high-quality video projects for our clients that can be used on a variety of platforms and campaigns.

Silverback is the ideal digital video partner for businesses interested in performance video ad production. We utilize the powerful tools offered by Google, YouTube, Facebook and other platforms to target audiences based on their actions, intent and interests.

Working closely with our client partners, our Paid Search & Media and Creative teams use industry-tested best practices to create and serve captivating video relevant to the potential customer’s lives and needs.

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Silverback’s network of seasoned partner resources and award-winning experts allow us to keep production costs in line with client budgets. Our brand values of transparency, partnership and performance are exemplified in a video program that adds significant value to digital advertising efforts without frustrating production markups or delays.

With our cutting-edge social media video production, our clients see better results, quicker.

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