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Where quality leads,
engines follow.

The driving factors that promote top organic search rankings are more complex than ever. Algorithms that once focused on keywords are now all about the user - how visitors value and share and interact with your content. At Silverback, our strategies prioritize user experience – because in today’s algorithmic environment, where users go, rankings follow.

We make you a fundamental part of the process. Your industry expertise and insights inform every aspect of the SEO strategy we build for you.  At every step, your business, your audience and your input are part of our SEO equation:

It starts with research

Our approach is unique from day one. We begin our SEO process by exhaustively researching your industry, your market characteristics and your competition to develop search personas for your target audience. Building user personas helps focus SEO efforts on your most profitable target audience to maximize conversions and ROI. What keywords will they be using? Which landing pages target them best? Are their buying motivations reflected in your content? By establishing personas based on location, demographics, traffic sources and other data, we drive not only the most traffic to your site, but also the right traffic.

Once we thoroughly understand your goals and targeted persona profiles, we run a full audit of your current website from top to bottom. Our sophisticated audit process examines your site from both a technical and a user/persona perspective –much the way a search engine will.

Finally, we conduct a complete analysis of your competitive landscape. By evaluating who your SEO competitors are, what tactics they use, and where their weaknesses are, we can leverage opportunities your competition has overlooked.

Reporting and relationships

With search algorithms changing continually (Google’s changes more than 500 times per year) SEO is a dynamic activity. That makes constant communication crucial to keeping our customers updated and in the loop on their SEO progress. Open, transparent and continual communication is fundamental to how we do business and the success of your SEO campaigns.

An Open Line of Communication.

A team of SEO specialists, led by your designated SEO Account Manager, will be responsible for implementing your strategy. Your Account Manager will know you and your business and will be in constant communication with you by phone, email, chat and video conferencing throughout the process. While some SEO companies actually limit communication with their clients, we encourage it. You’ll have open access to your Silverback SEO Account Manager every day.

Clear, Comprehensive Reports

We provide in-depth reports that track key website metrics, shifts in traffic, and rankings on a keyword-to-keyword basis. We’ll deliver those reports in the format that’s most useful to you – with graphics that make it easy to visualize progress. Every report is customized to your needs, your business and the stakeholders you report to.

By focusing first on your business goals and user experience, and by maintaining an up-to-the minute alignment with Google’s constantly changing search algorithms, Silverback Strategies SEO services deliver results that are virtually unmatched in the industry.