3 Ways to Identify High Quality Influencers Online

Shannon Thompson 3 Ways to Identify High Quality Influencers Online Influencer outreach is a time consuming process that involves finding and reaching out to important members of a niche group, market or community. Identifying quality influencers can be a challenge, but it is a major part of a long-term marketing strategy. As with any content marketing strategy, it is important to set initial goals to help measure your progress but the benefits of making influencer connections are endless. One thing to note is at times a cost may be associated with working with influencers. Take into consideration your budget when determining how…

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Most Important Search Ranking Factors [According to Google]

Shay Meadows The Two Most Important Ranking Factors A couple weeks ago, Google Search Quality Senior Strategist Andrey Lipattsev confirmed what many of us already suspected: two of the most important organic search ranking factors are content and links. “I can tell you what they are. It is content. And it’s links pointing to your site,” said Lipattsev in a video interview as part of the WebPromo.Expert’s Google Q&A. When asked about the order of importance, Lipattsev responded: “There is no order.”   Two things marketers should do based on this announcement:   1. Content Marketing If you haven’t looked into…

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Google Introduces Local Business Cards

Mathew Ingham Google recently launched an experiment around a new social sharing feature that Search Engine Land is calling  “local business cards” and reportedly involves “a few dozen local businesses that Google approached,” according to writer Greg Sterling. These cards allow businesses to communicate more directly with search users on organic SERPs. The content provided by the cards is meant to be different from the information provided in the Knowledge Panel. The introduction of these cards also marks the first time that Google has allowed animation and GIFs on the search results page. While it remains to…

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7 Tips to Improve Your Outreach Message

Shannon Thompson Outreach can be a very complex task. For SEO, one of the main reasons for outreach is link building. Influencers and webmasters are bombarded by emails daily with similar requests from link builders across the web. Making your outreach email worthy of a response can be nearly impossible. Many steps go into strategizing, prospecting, and drafting before sending out that initial message. These tips, although simple, are often overlooked and may help to drastically improve your outreach message.   1. Identify Who You Are There are tons of cliche phrases in terms of the importance…

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