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It’s not enough just to say you do things differently, you have to demonstrate it every day. At Silverback, the unique process we follow to achieve your PPC goals is one of the things that sets us apart from other PPC providers.

Three non-negotiable elements of our process include: 1) that decisions are based on data, not assumptions; 2) that maximizing client ROI is the goal of every aspect of a campaign, down to the smallest detail; and 3) we communicate transparently with clients at every step. These basic tenets are reflected throughout our work process.

Zero Risk

Step 1: Research

Exhaustively researching and understanding your business goals and priorities is an absolutely crucial part of our success. The fact is, there is no such thing as a generic PPC campaign. Every detail within every campaign must be oriented to the unique business goals and characteristics of the client.

You know your business best, and your expertise and insight will directly influence the strategy we develop. So we spend a lot of time in conversation with you - asking questions and getting to understand your industry, your market, your audience, your competition and more.

We then take that foundation and begin our own research. Utilizing our own tools to analyze data such as search volume trends for your products and services, the PPC landscape for your industry, and who are your market leaders are and why.

Step 2: Build

With many conversations and hours of research under our belts, we begin constructing your PPC strategy offline. Utilizing AdWords Editor, we structure, restructure and fine-tune the keyword, copy and grouping details of your campaign.

Creating this kind of "draft" version of your campaign allows us to optimize as many elements as possible before clicks begin registering. We adjust literally hundreds of granular details and settings toward your specific goals, from ad serving settings, to geographic targets, keyword match types, ad copy and more. Not only is this attention to detail necessary to align with your business goals, but it also helps us achieve the highest possible quality scores out of the gate. Quality scores are bid-multipliers used by the search engines based on ad relevance and quality; and higher scores significantly enhance your PPC success.

Only after we complete this detailed process and you review and approve every component of the campaign are we ready to take your campaign live.

Step 3: Optimize

Optimization is the heart of what we do. And no one does it like we do.

Optimization at Silverback is a non-stop, dynamic process of continually analyzing every detail of a campaign and making adjustments to maximize ROI. It's a switch that is always on.

Our optimization methodologies are complex, unique and sophisticated; here are a few key components of our data-driven approach that you won't find elsewhere:

Keyword Expansion: According to Google, one out of every five searches performed on are completely unprecedented – new queries never before encountered by the engine. With technology, markets and consumer trends changing all the time, this statistic isn't surprising, but its implications for your PPC campaign are huge. With brand-new keywords comprising 20% of the total queried, a static keyword list is an ineffective keyword list – one that misses opportunities daily.

How do we capture that extra 20%? One way is by leveraging Search Query Report data to evaluate your actual query/click history for new, high-potential keywords as well as those that should be blacklisted from your PPC campaign.

Our analysis lets us examine instances when Google serves your ad to a query that is not on your keyword list. Using that data, we can continually capture new words and phrases that are generating clicks for you. Similarly, we can see and blacklist any queries/clicks that were not relevant to your business. Few agencies engage in this continual process of adding new and lucrative words and culling out waste the way we do. But efforts like these keep our campaigns as lean and efficient as possible – so they can generate the highest possible ROI for our clients.

Smart Bidding: Bid optimization is no longer a matter of intuition, it is a matter of very sophisticated mathematical algorithms. Too many PPC managers still base bid decisions on guesswork to "see what sticks." But not Silverback.

We leverage the industry's most sophisticated bid optimization technology to allow us to manage and optimize hundreds of variables for thousands of keywords in your campaign minute-by-minute, every single day. That kind of analysis simply isn't feasible without very smart technology operated by very experienced managers.

By utilizing the most advanced bidding algorithms, customized to your ROI goals, we are able to make laser-precise bid changes to find the exact bid, down to the cent, that will optimize your ROI, for every single keyword in your account.

Creative Optimization: A/B testing of ad versions has long been a standard optimization technique, but we have turned this process into a science. By applying statistical models we are able to create data-centric tests to learn exactly what does and doesn't perform for your ads. Our technology allows hundreds of these tests to be running simultaneously in the background, allowing us to steadily ramp up the efficiency of your ad spend and ROI.

Quality Score Optimization: Quality Scores, how Google rates the quality and relevancy of your ad, are a vital PPC metric. We use this metric to our clients' advantage, using proprietary strategies and tools to boost Quality Scores while keeping bid costs down. (Learn more about Quality Scores here).

Step 4: Report

Transparent, open communication is a hallmark of how we do business. And our unique, customer-focused approach to reporting is part of that philosophy.

  • Flexibility: all the data you need, in exactly the format you want, daily, weekly or monthly – ranging from cross channel attribution to click path revenue modeling. We present data the way you want to see it.
  • Clarity: Our reporting goal is always to give you a clear, at-a-glance understanding of your campaign's performance from every angle. We'll develop the ideal presentation for your needs and for the people you report to.
  • Access: You have full access to your performance data at any time over the web; there's no gatekeeping on our part. It's your data.