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Competition for site traffic intensifies every day. Even the most well-conceived organic strategies — like search engine optimization and content marketing, which play critical roles in the success of any brand’s online presence — need time to mature. Alone, these tactics often struggle to drive the daily performance a business requires for true digital success.

The best tactic for driving site traffic and, ultimately, generating conversions is implementing an outstanding paid search strategy.

Why Paid Search Marketing?

Paid search marketing, specifically the pay-per-click (PPC) model, puts a brand directly in front of its target audience and increases the chances of click-through its website. A well-executed search marketing strategy cuts through the clutter and gets a business the results it desires fast.

Here’s a very simple breakdown of how paid search works:

  • Digital marketers plug advertising content into search engines with the intention of purchasing real estate on search engine results pages (SERPs) related to their business goals.
  • When a potential customer searches a relevant keyword , the ad content appears in prominent positions across the SERP.
  • If the potential customer clicks the link, the advertiser is charged a fee — hence “pay-per-click.”

These PPC ads allow businesses to reach their target audiences directly because they’re only served to people searching for relevant products based on the advertiser’s own preferences.

Paid search campaigns allow brands to control who sees their ads and where their ads are served. Plus, a business only pays when someone actually clicks on their PPC ad, which makes spending efficient and tracking return on investment (ROI) easy.

The tricky part is beating out competitors for that lucrative ad space without blowing the budget, which can happen if brands aren’t working with a search marketing agency with real expertise in paid search.

We went from having 10 sales in a year to averaging 30 to 40 sales a year for the next three years that we were using them. I definitely see Silverback Strategies as a long-term partner for us.

Emily Bock | Project Manager, Ritz Carlton Residences

Drive Clicks with Paid Search Marketing

Work with a team of expert paid search marketers who can drive meaningful results.

Silverback Strategies is a search marketing agency with a decade of experience in performance-driven digital marketing. Our paid media experts are trained directly by industry leaders from Google, Bing and Facebook to apply the latest insights to our clients’ campaigns.

At Silverback, we understand the importance of integrating our clients’ marketing efforts. Our paid search campaigns are crafted with SEO, creative and analytics in mind to ensure high-quality results for our clients.

  • Reach the top of the page. SEO and paid search work in tandem to get our clients’ websites to the top of the SERPs, which increases site traffic and boosts conversions.
  • Grab attention. Search marketing utilizes creative services — content, design and development — to captivate our clients’ audiences, turning ad views into clicks.

We work with our clients every step of the way, from strategy to execution to tracking performance, to provide search marketing services that will help achieve their digital marketing goals.

Our Paid Search Services

  • Keyword and audience research
  • Ad account buildout
  • Campaign targeting strategy
  • Ad copywriting
  • Ecommerce feed setup and optimization
  • Monthly and ad hoc reporting

Silverback Strategies offers ecommerce marketers a comprehensive 60-day 100% money-back performance guarantee for new clients. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our relationship within the first 60 days of our contract, we’ll refund 100% of all fees paid to us, no questions asked.

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