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Reach the Right Audience

Social media marketing, including both paid and organic tactics, is a key component of any successful digital marketing strategy today. Social media allows brands to expand their reach and target sought-after audiences in order to drive traffic to their websites. However, not all social media platforms are equally effective in generating the results a business desires.

Many social media platforms are designed with B2C advertising in mind. A women’s clothing brand, for example, likely captures a significant amount of leads from Instagram advertising since its target audience is a major consumer of that platform. A B2B software product, on the other hand, probably isn’t going to sell as well on Instagram, or even Facebook, which reaches a wider variety of demographics.

So how can B2B organizations reap the rewards of social media marketing?

The answer: LinkedIn marketing.

Generate Leads with LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool when it comes to lead generation, especially for B2B companies, simply due to the nature of the platform. Since LinkedIn is a social network for working professionals, B2B brands can easily reach their target audience — business people.

Many B2B organizations are new to LinkedIn marketing and may not know how to get started. That’s where Silverback Strategies can lend a hand.

Silverback Strategies is a LinkedIn advertising agency with over a decade of experience in performance-driven marketing for B2B clients.

Our paid media and content marketing experts understand that LinkedIn excels as a B2B networking tool. Our experience in paid and organic social media advertising allows us to craft an effective strategy that targets high-quality prospects who are likely to become customers through a variety of LinkedIn marketing services.

LinkedIn Management Services

Silverback Strategies offers a variety of LinkedIn marketing services that drive website traffic and boost conversions for our B2B clients, including:

Paid Ad Strategy & Analytics. Our team of paid search experts craft and implement a LinkedIn marketing strategy designed to target key decision-makers. We track campaign performance through a variety of analytics programs and provide our clients with meaningful, measurable data.

Sponsored InMail Messaging. LinkedIn allows businesses to send prospects personalized email messages through Sponsored InMail. Our content marketers use their expertise in copywriting and email marketing to craft attention-grabbing messages that encourage prospects to click-through and take a desired action.

Content Creation. Quality content is an increasingly important element of marketing on social platforms, and LinkedIn is no exception. Our in-house content marketers, graphic designers and video producers build engaging creative assets, both written and visual, that drive potential customers further down the sales funnel.

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