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Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson will be starring in a new comedy flick; this time around, instead of having the North East as the setting, the pair is found trotting through Mountain View, California.

While not exactly a sequel, rather than having weddings as a premise of the story, in “The Internship," Owen and Vince lose their jobs when the company they work for goes under.  The two then decide to apply to Google for internship positions; comedy ensues as the duo interacts with employees and the products as they strive to attain higher roles at the search giant.

It seems that Google has taken a page off of The Social Network, which grossed over $200 Million and garnered a ton of publicity not only for Mark Zuckerburg, but also Facebook.  With the new movie the “The Internship,” the tech giant is poised to leverage the flick as a total product placement for its offerings.  The tech company is pretty much a star as well in this movie.  The trailer showcases scenes around the headquarters, Googleplex, along with Chrome Books, Google Self Driving Cars, Google Cafeterias, Android Phones, and more.  Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, and Conan O’Brien have also used Google+ Hangout to promote the movie. 

The Internship will hit theaters June, 7th.  Let us know what you think of the trailer.  Do you think it will be as good as “Wedding Crashers”?