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Google Uses Stormtrooper, R2D2 to Guard Precious Data Centers

While some have scrutinzed Google over the past year for allowing Google Maps to offer a look inside buildings and even the new underwater street view, it seems only fair that the search engine is letting the general public catch a glimpse of what they've got going on inside their doors with the new "inside look" at their data center located in Lenoir, NC. However, it appears Google is not exactly letting in their guard down all the way...

Yes, that is a Stormtrooper and a miniture R2D2 (both of Star Wars fame) guarding an entire group of servers. It seems as if Google doesn't want us to take too closely of a look at where all of their top secret search data is stored. No matter what the case is, it's pretty apparent that Google has a good sense of humor and does not mind poking fun at themselves every so often. Well played, Google.

Here's the related YouTube video Google posted taking the entire walk-through tour of the data center: