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Google Analytics In Real Life: Shopping Online Can Be A Pain [VIDEO]

Online Shopping can be tough.  There are so many forces that seem to want to keep us from making our purchase. From finding the right item on a merchant’s site, distracting product “recommendations,” annoying CAPTCHAS, and especially the often-too-arduous checkout process.  To help drive these frustrations home to business owners, who may not be aware of the hurdles their customers have to go through to make a simple purchase on their website, the Google Analytics team has released a group of three videos demonstrating how it would feel to experience these issues in real life.  In this case, a grocery store.

The first video, titled  “Site Search” follows an average shopper as he attempts to locate some milk, specifically “Semi-Skim Milk” and runs into a few issues…


The second video, “Landing Page Optimization” exemplifies the annoying, distracting, and often irrelevant “suggestions” made by ecommerce sites when trying to make a purchase:


The final video, and in my opinion the most frustrating aspect of online shopping, follows our grocery shopper as he attempts to check out.


Whether it’s Google Analytics or any of the other great web analytics platforms out there, it is so important for business owners to get a pulse on how their customers online shopping experience is impacting their behaviors.  Not only will this data help site owners sell more products, but it will help keep the rest of us consumers sane in an increasingly frustrating, distracting, and not so very user friendly online environment.