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6 Reasons a Happy Agency Is a Better Agency

Silverback Strategies is one of Ad Age's 2017 Best Places to Work. Here's why that matters to you.

Silverback Strategies

It’s been a little harder to be humble around here lately. 

First, we won the Washingtonian Great Places to Work award. And we were thrilled. Then, we landed ourselves on the Inc. 5000 list for the third year running. And we were so thrilled that we took the day off to go wakeboarding.

Now, Ad Age has released their Best Places to Work 2017 list, and we’re one of only two DC-area companies to make the cut at #25. And frankly, we’re breaking out into spontaneous dancing over here.

It’s a pretty cool time to be at Silverback Strategies. But it’s an even better time to work with Silverback — here are six reasons why.

1. Happy people are more productive.

A slew of studies over the past decade have confirmed the links between job satisfaction and increased productivity. These studies suggest that not only do happy workers get more done, but they’re also more creative while doing so. Doesn’t that sound like someone you want on your team?

2. Happy workplaces are more attractive to top talent.

Let’s face it: success attracts success! Top marketers can work wherever they want, and company culture is a huge factor when they’re deciding where they want to build a career. One of our most recent hires, Becca Jacobs, found Silverback via the previously mentioned Washingtonian award.

“I put culture at the top of my list when I went into my job search, because knowing you're coming into a happy and welcoming work environment makes all the difference in your long-term outlook at a company,” said Jacobs. “If the people around you are excited to be there, it's contagious.” 

“I really wanted a culture that was people first, meaning that success for the company isn't just a revenue number but measurement of happiness within the company, and I feel like Silverback meets that.”

3. Collaboration is crucial in today’s fast-changing online ecosystem.

The last several years in digital marketing have brought an incredible acceleration of innovation. To keep up, you need focused experts, working in tandem, to discover new solutions. Silverback really shines here with a culture than encourages testing and failing and innovating.

Silverback President Neil Welsh agrees: “Collaboration is really the key. If you think we can do our work more effectively — whether you’re a senior director or a junior account manager — your input is treated with respect and consideration. That confidence to innovate leads to great results for our clients.”

4. Less turnover means less account manager roulette.

The best agency-client relationships are partnerships, and partnerships require trust. Trust takes time to develop, and having to adjust to new faces can delay that process. 

Silverback goes above and beyond to reduce turnover, going so far as to check in with employees weekly for anonymous feedback (that gets acted on almost immediately, more times than not). This retention of talent and institutional knowledge means clients have access to their trusted team month after month, year after year.

5. Supported employees feel able to pursue extra training.

Silverback employees have all sorts of educational backgrounds, but they’ve all come to our agency because they have a passion for digital marketing and want to focus on that specialty. Silverback staffers are given ample opportunities to pursue their interests and keep their skills sharp. In fact, our team takes all-expenses-paid trips on company time to New York City, Mountain View, Calif., Boston, Mass. and other locales throughout the country for training, conferences and events with digital leaders like Google and Facebook.

6. A happier agency makes for happier clients.

We take client satisfaction seriously (we even back this up with a 60-day guarantee), and we think our company culture contributes to it. Because we receive in-depth training from partners like Google and Facebook, we can bring the latest and greatest marketing tactics to our clients. Healthy snacks and adequate time off mean we’re alert and responsive when a client needs something. And our open concept office and lots of team bonding activities mean we’re close enough with other teams to brainstorm creative solutions to our client’s most pressing problems.

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