How to Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry Using Content Marketing

Shannon Thompson Thought leadership is more than just a buzzword or cliché term. In fact, thought leadership is often one of the major, long-term goals behind any business’s content marketing strategy. Instead of spamming your audience with irrelevant information, content marketing can allow for a business to provide value to their future, current, and past customers through big ideas. Content marketing with the goal of thought leadership can help position a business to be viewed as a resource in their industry as well as to their customers. According to Google Trends, it is evident that content marketing is…

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How to Merge and Delete Your Google My Business Profiles

Mathew Ingham Google My Business has been an interesting and ever changing topic over the past year. Previously, we discussed Google’s update to the local map pack, its effects, and the importance of having your Google My Business page properly set up. It’s important to keep your information with Google accurate and consistent, so today we'll tackle how to merge profiles, delete duplicate/incorrect profiles, and how to contact Google My Business support. Merging Profiles Merging Google My Business pages can be challenging and frustrating depending on the types of pages that are trying to be merged.…

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How to Use YouTube Videos this Holiday Season [New Trends and Insights]

Shay Meadows I want to know… I want to go… I want to do… I want to buy... “Capture users during their Micro-Moments” has been a huge buzz phrase in the digital industry lately. Today, I’m going to follow-up my previous blog post, which covered the 4 Micro-Moments Causing a Shift in Consumer Behavior. I would like to follow-up by taking a deeper look into consumer behavior on YouTube this Holiday season. YouTube has over one billion users and is now the second largest search engine, creating a large online community…

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How Google Could Improve User Experience and Change SEO

Carly Calhoon Note:This is a theory of how Google could improve and progress based on what they are currently doing and what they are focusing on. How Does Google Currently Rank Sites? Moz recently updated their Broad Search Ranking Factors and followed up with the Local Search Ranking Factors. Primarily, Google is increasingly rewarding quality over quantity in content, backlinks, citations, etc. Why would they reward sites that focus on quality (SEO) efforts? Most likely because it improves user experience (UX), which has been Google's priority for many years now. Searchers want results that they can…

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