7 Ways to Generate Content Topics Using Google

Shannon Thompson   Finding content ideas that people are interested in reading and sharing can be a very time consuming and, at times, a very challenging process. When looking for inspiration for what users want to know and planning ahead for your content calendar, content marketers can find themselves not knowing where to find those “hidden gem” content ideas. There are countless strategies for nailing down ideas but some easier than others. Looking at trending topics, questions people are asking, and gaps in content can provide great insight into what sorts of topics should be featured in your content calendar, but…

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How Branding Enhances LinkBuilding Efforts

Sherryn Daniel In search engine optimization obtaining high quality hyperlinks back to your own website is an advantageous way to push your website up Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).  LinkBuilding, as this process is called, is one of the hardest tasks to undertake in SEO but most rewarding. It’s hard because this process requires an SEO to harness an artistic, street savvy, technical mindset when implementing each strategy. It’s rewarding because the right strategies can help rank your website above your competitors, and get you in front of influencers. Lest not forget that linkbuilders who interact with Google’s vacillating…

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Learn Something New Using a Project Management Strategy

Carly Calhoon The world is ever changing, growing, developing and people must adapt accordingly. Skills that were valuable even 5-10 years ago are no longer needed because of advancements in technology, low costs of outsourcing abroad, and more. Even with projected overall job growth in the US over the next few years, some industries will be drastically declining. Technological changes will continue to replace skilled workers, but they will also provide the opportunity for job growth. However, people must adapt by learning new valuable skills and by understanding how to learn them. The Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Industry The world of Search…

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4 Google Analytics Widgets That’ll Help Prove Value This Christmas

Brandon Grimes The days of being just a PPC account manager, or just an SEO account manager are almost over. With more and more businesses relying on digital exposure to drive sales and interest, it has never been more important to stay ontop of your P's and Q's when managing your client's search engine marketing efforts. One of the most efficient ways of creating value with your clients is backing up your campaign with relevant data. Many digital marketers use analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, and Omniture. If there is one skill that all digital…

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