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How to Perform an Awesome SEO Audit (and why it’s important!)

Kurt Lambert SEO campaigns can have quite the wide range in variety; some may be short term, some much longer and time-consuming than others. Some SEO campaigns may be very straightforward, while others may be largely complex, dealing with back-end website or server issues -- or even worse, trying to recover from a dreaded Google penalty! The point of this is simply that no two SEO projects are alike. Each one is unique, therefore making it an extremely bad decision to attempt to place an SEO process or offering into a specific template or cookie-cutter mold. With that said, how is someone…

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How to Optimize Your Google+ Business Page

Danielle Garza Google uses your profile to provide public information about your business to other Google users and anyone who searches for it.  Having a profile allows you to promote your business and link to your website that you want to showcase.  One of the best things about Google+ is its ability to increase local organic rankings and visibility.  This can also be a tremendous help when it comes to local rankings.  Here are six ways to do this: 1.  SEO Title – The title for your Google+ business page is just as important as the title of the pages…

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9 Ways Any Business Can Improve Their Local SEO Strategy

Kurt Lambert In the ever-changing world of organic search, the margin is wider than ever when comparing the difference in SEO strategies for a large enterprise-level business with a small local law firm. This is mostly due to all the algorithm changes Google and others have made in their quest to make sure searchers are seeing the most relevant information. Because of this, Google has been trying to detect whether the intent of your search can be best answered through companies that are in close proximity to your desired location --  either by simply using the location that may be…

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How to Use the New Content Grouping Feature for SEO

Danielle Garza On December 19, 2013 Google launched their new content grouping feature in analytics to help marketers analyze data in a more meaningful way.  Content grouping allows them to view their site content in logical groups to better understand how different categories of products are working together and the buckets that generate the most revenue.  Although this has always been achievable to a certain degree with advanced segments, this new feature saves a significant amount of time and is far less tedious. Groupings and Groups Essentially, a grouping is just a bunch of groups and groups are collections of content.  For…

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