How Google Could Improve User Experience and Change SEO

Carly Calhoon Note:This is a theory of how Google could improve and progress based on what they are currently doing and what they are focusing on. How Does Google Currently Rank Sites? Moz recently updated their Broad Search Ranking Factors and followed up with the Local Search Ranking Factors. Primarily, Google is increasingly rewarding quality over quantity in content, backlinks, citations, etc. Why would they reward sites that focus on quality (SEO) efforts? Most likely because it improves user experience (UX), which has been Google's priority for many years now. Searchers want results that they can…

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Google Simplifies Local Map Pack in Latest Update

Mathew Ingham A number of major changes were made to the local map pack in Google’s latest algorithm update that will affect how customers find your business. The biggest change is Google updating how local results are displayed in SERPs, reducing the number of listings shown from seven to three. Another major change is the position in which the local map pack is displayed. A study from seoClarity shows that the old map pack ranked in the number one position only 25% of the time. With the latest update, the study found…

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7 Ways to Generate Content Topics Using Google

Shannon Thompson Finding content ideas that people are interested in reading and sharing can be a very time consuming and, at times, a very challenging process. When looking for inspiration for what users want to know and planning ahead for your content calendar, content marketers can find themselves not knowing where to find those “hidden gem” content ideas. There are countless strategies for nailing down ideas but some easier than others. Looking at trending topics, questions people are asking, and gaps in content can provide great insight into what sorts of topics should be featured in your content…

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How Branding Enhances LinkBuilding Efforts

Sherryn Daniel In search engine optimization obtaining high quality hyperlinks back to your own website is an advantageous way to push your website up Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Page).  LinkBuilding, as this process is called, is one of the hardest tasks to undertake in SEO but most rewarding. It’s hard because this process requires an SEO to harness an artistic, street savvy, technical mindset when implementing each strategy. It’s rewarding because the right strategies can help rank your website above your competitors, and get you in front of influencers. Lest not forget that linkbuilders who interact…

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