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Defining the Value of SEO: How Do You Measure SEO Success?

Kurt Lambert Like with almost anything in life, planning is everything with SEO. Before the first click of a mouse or the first new word of content is written in an SEO campaign, the entire strategy must be well-thought out in advance. Of course at some point during the planning phase, specific action items and deliverables that will need to be completed over the course of the SEO campaign will need to be listed out, but how are those action items and deliverables determined in the first place? It all comes down to what you truly hope to achieve at the end…

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Recovering from Bad Backlinks

Danielle Garza Before beginning your link acquisition strategy, it’s probably wise to audit your current backlink profile.  With link-based penalties being all the rage at the moment, some of us have learned the hard way that your past will eventually catch up with you.  Building an immense amount of low-quality links once worked for websites, but as Google became more savvy and continued to raise the bar it became pivotal to not only acquire high-quality backlinks, but also thoroughly inspect your profile to make good judgment calls on which links are causing poor rankings.  During the audit process you’ll also be able…

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SEO and Social Media: Their Roles During the NBA Finals

Brandon Grimes The Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, and Indiana Pacers were all waiting around patiently this past Thursday night to see if they would receive a few more days rest, or if the NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder close their series out on the controversial Los Angeles Clippers. This year's NBA playoffs has been one of the more exciting in recent years. Round One had 24 upsets and 8 overtime games -- more than any in the past 11 years. Not to mention the number of last second buzzer beaters. And this year the NBA Finals is set to follow suit, and become…

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How to Perform an Awesome SEO Audit (and why it’s important!)

Kurt Lambert SEO campaigns can have quite the wide range in variety; some may be short term, some much longer and time-consuming than others. Some SEO campaigns may be very straightforward, while others may be largely complex, dealing with back-end website or server issues -- or even worse, trying to recover from a dreaded Google penalty! The point of this is simply that no two SEO projects are alike. Each one is unique, therefore making it an extremely bad decision to attempt to place an SEO process or offering into a specific template or cookie-cutter mold. With that said, how is someone…

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