SEO Press Releases - Do They Still Work?

Kurt Lambert Distributing press releases has long done wonders for many, many SEO campaigns -- and it’s easy to see why. The slightest hint of a newsworthy item from a company could be sent out to online PR services with at least 400 words of fresh and unique content, with the content most times containing multiple in-content links with optimized anchor text back to that company’s website. In certain cases, those press releases would then get picked up by various outlets, ranging anywhere from a local town blog to major publications like Yahoo! News and the Wall Street Journal. Because of this,…

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Getting More Out of Your PLA’s

Ben Jamieson Since Google transitioned their free Product Search listings to the paid Product Listing Ads (PLA) last year, advertisers have been looking for ways to get on top of the competition and drive more sales. Most advertisers weren’t thrilled with the change - from free to paid, though since it switched over in 2012, PLA’s have grown exponentially as business owners and advertisers have begun to see the positive impact they are having on ROI. PLA’s are still in their infancy and marketers are still figuring out how to out-smart the competition and stay on top of the listings. Unlike traditional…

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Who Wins in the Battle of SEO vs. Content Marketing?

Danielle Garza I'm sure you've heard everything from "Content is king.", "Your content marketing strategy is your marketing strategy.", "Content marketing will soon put SEOers out of work.", "Content marketing is the end of SEO.", etc. As a fellow SEOer myself, one can understand how unsettling this may be when you're livelihood is predicated on one big search giant.  But as an SEOer I also understand that the almighty Google is trying to sustain its' position as a powerhouse and in the words of the Davies brothers, "Give The People What They Want", in order to do so.   So what is…

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Mobile Paid Search and The Importance of Attribution Modeling

Don Duong In 2013, mobile phones crossed a significant barrier: the majority (56%) of people in the US now owns a smartphone (Our Mobile Planet 2013). In addition, many recent pay-per-click (PPC) studies covering the second quarter of 2013 point to some obvious trends that Google has been telling us for a while: Mobile is growing and here to stay. Furthermore, Google has performed various studies showing that 88% of mobile site visitors are incremental: that is to say, this traffic is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are paused. Put another way, mobile traffic represents a completely separate medium and…

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