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Loving Your PPC Account on Valentine’s Day

Sarah Knoepfler In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is a either a day you hate to love, or probably more likely, a day you love to hate. As one coworker put it, there is so much pressure to “get it right” (don’t worry Pete, I’m not naming any names here). Not to mention the added emphasis of being single if you happen to not have someone special to spend it with (nope…not talking about me here, not at all). Valentine's Day Noun “February 14, observed in honor of St. Valentine as a day for the exchange of valentines and other tokens of affection.” It got me thinking…

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Enhanced campaigns - A decisive tool for SMBs?

Louis Belpaire   Google officially announced yesterday that it will be rolling out Enhanced Campaigns, a major Adwords update going to impact both device segmentation and bidding strategies of online advertisers. The location-based mobile market is expected to grow from $300 million to 4.7$ billion in the next 5 years and Google wants to respond to this trend by providing advertisers with the appropriate tools. There is a second explanation to the update: customers are not just going mobile anymore, they are adopting a multi channel browsing behavior. The Adwords campaign structure is now going to reflect these two fundamental changes. Let’s…

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Facebook Search Optimization—Will This Be a Reality?

Kurt Lambert Facebook made a big announcement today when they unveiled their new "Graph Search." Even though it is dubbed a new feature, in all actuality it is really bringing back the feature of searching for new people or places based on a common interest...and then some. Back in the archaic days of college-only Facebook, students would be able to find other profiles of students they may share the same class with, even if they weren't Facebook friends. Over time, Mark Zuckerberg and crew got away from that as we saw Facebook open up registrations to everyone, Facebook Pages take over, the…

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Google Analytics In Real Life: Shopping Online Can Be A Pain [VIDEO]

Andrew Nelson Online Shopping can be tough.  There are so many forces that seem to want to keep us from making our purchase. From finding the right item on a merchant’s site, distracting product “recommendations,” annoying CAPTCHAS, and especially the often-too-arduous checkout process.  To help drive these frustrations home to business owners, who may not be aware of the hurdles their customers have to go through to make a simple purchase on their website, the Google Analytics team has released a group of three videos demonstrating how it would feel to experience these issues in real life.  In this case, a grocery…

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