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Google Analytics In Real Life: Shopping Online Can Be A Pain [VIDEO]

Andrew Nelson Online Shopping can be tough.  There are so many forces that seem to want to keep us from making our purchase. From finding the right item on a merchant’s site, distracting product “recommendations,” annoying CAPTCHAS, and especially the often-too-arduous checkout process.  To help drive these frustrations home to business owners, who may not be aware of the hurdles their customers have to go through to make a simple purchase on their website, the Google Analytics team has released a group of three videos demonstrating how it would feel to experience these issues in real life.  In this case, a grocery…

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Twitter Could Decide the Future of your Favorite TV Show

Kurt Lambert Twitter and Nielsen, the company responsible for establishing current TV ratings and audience size, made a joint announcement today in regards to the creation of a new metric. What data could these two seemingly unrelated companies possibly have to share? It just so happens that people who have said Twitter was merely a distraction and would never last could not have been more wrong. This new metric, dubbed "Neilsen Twitter TV Rating," will start with TV programming in Fall 2013 and measure the amount of tweets and viewer engagement on Twitter for a given television show in real-time.  With 85%…

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Google Search Metrics to Consider this Christmas Season

Ben Jamieson As Christmas quickly approaches, shoppers are out in full force – but they’re “out” in a different way. Not too long ago, holiday gift-getters were racing to shopping malls, toy stores, and electronic suppliers. But not so much these days - now they’re booting up their PC’s, mobile devices, and tablets.  Consumers are turning to the Internet and technology, now more than ever, to get their shopping done. And the rate at which consumers are relying on their different tech devices isn’t slowing down – it’s rapidly growing. If you’re gearing up for another crazy holiday season, consider these important…

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Google Uses Stormtrooper, R2D2 to Guard Precious Data Centers

Kurt Lambert While some have scrutinzed Google over the past year for allowing Google Maps to offer a look inside buildings and even the new underwater street view, it seems only fair that the search engine is letting the general public catch a glimpse of what they've got going on inside their doors with the new "inside look" at their data center located in Lenoir, NC. However, it appears Google is not exactly letting in their guard down all the way... Yes, that is a Stormtrooper and a miniture R2D2 (both of Star Wars fame) guarding an entire group of servers. It seems as…

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