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New insights on mobile based Local search and what it means for your business

Louis Belpaire Comscore (in partnership with Localeze and 15 miles) and the Local Search Association both released a Local search study that highlights how crucial mobile campaigns have become for local businesses. Here are the key takeaways and what they mean for your digital marketing strategy. Consumers are shifting from desktop to mobile browsing faster when it comes to local searchesIn its report, the LSA shows that non PC web traffic is growing rapidly. This in itself isn’t breaking news, however the 15 miles/Localeze report depicts a very interesting trend: Local searches performed on PCs are declining 3 times faster than non…

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3 Optimization Tips: Taking Advantage Of AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Andrew Nelson It was just last month that Google announced that they were rolling out arguably the biggest change to hit AdWords in years.  While the debate continues as to whether these changes are good or bad for advertisers, the fact remains that these changes reflect a new norm for AdWords;  a norm that favors mobile and geographic oriented targeting.  Given that local advertising is expected to grow 3x over the next five years (from $18.7B to $51.1B by 2017), we can expect this trend toward mobile/local to continue. Soon after the announcement, Louis mused over these changes and how they will affect…

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Understanding Google’s Quality Score

Ben Jamieson What is quality score?Quality score is essentially Google’s scoreboard for your Adwords account. It also is a good indicator of the overall strength and health of your Adwords account. The higher your quality score (on a scale of 1-10) means that Google’s system thinks that your ad, keyword, and landing pages are relevant and useful to a users query. How does Google determine quality scores? Keyword relevance – If a high number of users click on your ad from a certain keyword search term, Google will find it relevant and award a higher quality score number. Ad relevance – Ad’s…

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Loving Your PPC Account on Valentine’s Day

Sarah Knoepfler In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is a either a day you hate to love, or probably more likely, a day you love to hate. As one coworker put it, there is so much pressure to “get it right” (don’t worry Pete, I’m not naming any names here). Not to mention the added emphasis of being single if you happen to not have someone special to spend it with (nope…not talking about me here, not at all). Valentine's Day Noun “February 14, observed in honor of St. Valentine as a day for the exchange of valentines and other tokens of affection.” It got me thinking…

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