Costly Adwords Mistakes

Ben Jamieson Sometimes it’s the simplest things that end up costing the greatest when running an Adwords account. One of the key jobs of any PPC account manager is to create an account-environment that is efficient and well-tuned. The following practices are commonly underutilized by advertisers managing Google Adwords accounts. Constant attention to these 4 optimization techniques will help create a more efficient and well-run account. Negative Keywords When I audit an Adwords account, the first thing I always look at is the search query report (or a list of the actual terms users are querying). More often than not, there are…

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How to Use the New Content Grouping Feature for SEO

Danielle Garza On December 19, 2013 Google launched their new content grouping feature in analytics to help marketers analyze data in a more meaningful way.  Content grouping allows them to view their site content in logical groups to better understand how different categories of products are working together and the buckets that generate the most revenue.  Although this has always been achievable to a certain degree with advanced segments, this new feature saves a significant amount of time and is far less tedious. Groupings and Groups Essentially, a grouping is just a bunch of groups and groups are collections of content.  For…

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Timeline: The Adwords Updates of 2013

Louis Belpaire The pace at which Google rolled out new updates this year has been quite impressive. Out of all the changes that occurred I selected 22 major updates from the official Google Adwords Blog to build the timeline below. I think that the chronology of the changes itself tells an interesting story about the 2013 PPC labyrinth and shows how the Enhanced Campaigns were its Ariadne's thread. (You can use your keyboard arrows or click on the time stamps to naviguate through the timeline) In my opinion, this year’s updates showed us two very interesting trends that are very likely to…

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Client Management Tip #1: Using Data to Keep Perspective

Andrew Nelson After a rough commute into the office you stumble into the office.  Without hesitation, you beeline to the coffee pot to pour yourself a cuppa, and make your way to your desk, take off your coat, sit down, and boot up your computer.  Straight to the inbox (which you shouldn't do, by the way).  Mostly typical stuff. Spam. Sales Inquiries. Then the client email hits you: “Yesterday was a slow day for conversions, what’s going on?!” PPC Account Managers hear this often.  Typically the concern isn’t completely unwarranted.  We need to remember that our clients are either running a business…

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