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Google AdWords Geo-Targeting Settings: A Beginners Guide

Andrew Nelson In this next part of my AdWords Audit Series, I am going to dig deeper into geo targeting settings with AdWords. One of the first things we check in every account that comes to us is the geographic targeting.  Far too often this setting is overlooked, and it can easily result in thousands of wasted ad dollars.  In this post I am going to walk through where to find the geographic settings within an account, and what the different targeting options are. The concept behind geographic targeting is simple.  AdWords allows you to select exactly where you would like your…

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Got a Smartphone? Get Smart on Mobile Web

Ben Jamieson Why mobile mattersYou just checked your iPhone or Droid in your last meeting. Guess what? So did everyone else. Mobile search has grown at an exponential rate over the past two years, and studies indicate a continued increase in growth. By the year 2013 more people will be using their mobile devices for Internet related activities than their PC’s. Even more astonishing than that, by the year 2015, there will be one mobile device for every person on the planet (Source: That’s over 6.5 billion mobile devices! If that doesn’t convince you of the enormity of change taking place,…

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Will A Facebook Search Engine Be The Way of The Future? And Is The Hype Worth It?

Joe Erfe With Nasdaq being chosen over the NYSE as the platform to list Facebook shares, fans and investors are eagerly awaiting the IPO for one of the hottest tech companies lately.  With a $103 billion valuation, is the Facebook IPO hype worth the attention? It can’t be argued that Facebook is a dominant force due to users as well as engagement figures, with an active 845MM monthly user base.  We know that from an advertising perspective, that just placing an ad on the social platform’s pages alone is a commanding feat compared to TV, Radio, and Print with targeted impressions, and…

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Sitemaps 101: An Introduction to XML Sitemaps

Kurt Lambert XML Sitemaps (not to be confused with HTML sitemaps) have been in existence since 2005, when Google first introduced them as a way to let the search engines know exactly which sites should be indexed, how often they’re updated, and which pages are of most importance throughout the entire website. In that time, a wide majority of websites have adopted and used them, but does that wide majority really know the purpose of them, or is it simply a case of “I heard we should have them?” No matter what the reasoning is, websites that do have sitemaps are in…

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