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How You Can “Google-Proof” Your Website

Kurt Lambert Panda. Penguin. Hummingbird. Not only are these the names of cute animals, they are also the code names of a few of the major updates to Google’s organic search algorithm, all designed to prevent low-quality websites from cheating their way to the top of search results and ultimately giving searchers the best search engine experience possible. Most of these recent algorithm updates address a specific area of focus. For example, Panda was primarily a content-driven update. Sites that were laden with advertising and featured little to no content saw their one-time top rankings drop off the radar completely. Penguin was…

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Top 10 New Year’s PPC Landing Page Resolutions

Don Duong Top 10 New Year’s PPC Landing Page Resolutions to Reap a Healthy & Conversion-Filled PPC Account Wait a second, its only mid-November, why are we already talking about New Year’s resolutions? Every end-of-the-year we vow to change something about ourselves to live better: I’m going to train for a marathon! I’m deleting Facebook! I’m going to start washing my hands after using the restroom! Why wait for an arbitrary day of the year to start living better? Pay-per-click advertisers should also be asking themselves this question when it comes to their PPC performance and those cumbersome changes they’ve been meaning…

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Learn The ABC’s of PPC and SEO

Shay Meadows For those of you new to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), let’s review the basic principles by learning our ABC’s of PPC and SEO. A – A is for Google Analytics. All businesses should have an analytics account for their website data. Analytics allows you to track user behavior and measure the performance to gain insight into how you can better serve your customers. B – B is for backlinks, Google’s key ranking metric for websites. A backlink is simply a link pointed at your site from a different site. C – C is for click through rate…

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Increase Ecommerce Sales this Holiday Season

Ben Jamieson With the Halloween season coming to a close, the holidays are right around the corner.  Grocery stores, shopping malls – even websites – are all transitioning their spooky facades over to festive themes. While you gear your ecommerce business up for another busy Thanksgiving-Christmas shopping season, keep these online marketing strategies in mind to get the most out of your sales.   1) Dynamic Remarketing – Dynamic Remarketing is a relatively new form of advertising that works phenomenally well for most ecommerce clients. It works similarly to regular remarketing ads (i.e. it targets users who have visited your site but…

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